Finnish Landrace chicken   Norsk


Photo: Jaana Lindfors

Species: Poultry
Country: Finland  
Status: Preservation  
Local name: Suomalainen maatiaiskana 
Origin location: Finland 
Location: Finland 
Origin: Breed has its origin in different chicken populations lived in Finland during ca. 100 -1000 hen generations. 
  Number Male Female Tendency
Total: 0 0 0 0
Registered: 0 300 1500 +
Properties: Hatching ability, cold tolerance good, use of domestic feed possible, colour of feathering varies from of one-colured black to white, from brown to multicoloured 
Production: Average age of sexual maturity 24 weeks, average egg production rate 0.6 eggs/hen/day, average egg size small or medium 
Management: Conservation programme managed by MTT Agrifood Research Finland 
Other: "The breed has more than 10 different families or lines, which are named, on the basis of the geographical sites where the line has been found. E.g. the family “Kiuruvesi” is based on the landrace chickens found 1960’s on two neighbouring farmhouses in Kiuruvesi. The family “Horniolainen” was found in the village Hornio. The number of the sires and dams out of the conservation programme is not known "
Contact: Juha Kantanen  

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