Swedish Red and White (SRB)   Norsk


Photo: Svensk Avel

Species: Cattle
Country: Sweden  
Status: Commercial  
Local name: Svensk Röd och vit boskap (SRB) 
Origin location: Southern and middle of Sweden 
Location: Sweden 
Origin: Swedish red and white originates from the old, Swedish estates and imports from English shorthorn dairy cattle and Scottish Ayrshire. The breeding organisation of Red Swedish cattle (RSB) was founded in 1892 and the Ayrshire association was founded in 1899. These two breeds were unified to Swedish Red and White cattle in 1928. 
  Number Male Female Tendency
Total: 0 110 166995 -
Registered: 0 0 0 0
Properties: Animals of this breed are red or red and white. Adult weight is about 600 kg and with a withers height on 138-140 cm. Compared to other breeds, SRB has a relative high milk yield with a high content of protein and fat. They have a good health, a low frequency of mastitis and a low cell-count in the milk. They have good temper and a low frequency of calving difficulties. 
Production: Milk yield: 8427 kg/ year (4,27 % fat and 3,43 % protein) 
Management: Owners of animals of this breed are members of the breeding association of Swedish red and white (1900 members). This association is affiliated to the breed association Swedish dairy association, which are responsible for herd book- and yield registration. The breeding association of SRB and Svensk Avel are responsible for the breeding work. 
Other: The breeding goal for the SRB is to get a cow with a high milk yield combined with good meat production traits and high life span. It is also a purpose to further improve the functional udder exterior together with the traits of calving ease and udder health. It’s also a goal to increase the body size, particular sturdiness. Calculation of indexes for the different traits is done in accordance to methods and rules used by the Swedish dairy association.
Contact: SRB-föreningen: http://www.srb-foreningen.se/  

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