Coldblooded trotter   Norsk


Photo: Helge Severud

Species: Horses
Country: Norway Sweden  
Local name: Kaldblodstraver 
Origin location: Norway 
Location: Norway 
Origin: The breed is developed from the doele horse. Herd book registration was established in 1939. Introgression since 1960 from Swedish trotters. The Norwegian and the Swedish coldblooded trotter is one common breed. 
  Number Male Female Tendency
Total: 0 0 0 0
Registered: 0 100 1464 0
Properties: "Appearance (breed standard): Wither height; min. 148 cm. Wide and short head, with short and pointed ears. The chest ought to be wide and deep and with a muscular dorsal line. The stature should be long, wide and leaning. The leg should be muscular with a powerful frame. Average adult weight: 400 kg. Main use; trotter. The breed is known as a good sport and track horse." 
Management: Registration is managed by Det Norske Travselskap.The Norwegian equine centre is responsible for the breed management. Breeding stallions must be selected at public, Norwegian exhibitions. 
Other: The inbreeding is increasing as a consequence of introducing BLUP-indexes without including strong restrictions of mating between relatives.
Contact: Det Norske Travselskap. E-mail:  

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