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The hobby assortment – a success story

The hobby assortment – a success story

Again this year private garden growers had the possibility to request seeds of old Nordic cultivars. We had prepared ourselves very well this year, so we were ready to receive and handle the requests, when opening up for private growers March 1st. We had though never expected to receive so many requests within such a short period of time. We therefore have to say “sold out” already now.








Interest in heritage cultivars has increased year after year. This year we had 68 different cultivars of many different crops in our assortment. We had added the four cereals species to our assortment even these were gone very fast. In total we have delivered 5395 samples to 792 seed requesters in less than three weeks. In 2014 we delivered the same amount of samples, but within two months. 

We are of course pleased about the great interest in our common heritage of old cultivars of vegetables, flowers, herbs etc. We must though still ensure, that we distribute seeds of these cultivars in a sustainable way, and we have assessed that we do this by not multiplying the cultivars too often, and that is why we only have a limited amount for distribution each year. 

The main part of the seed requests comes from Denmark or Sweden, but it is our wish, that hobby growers in Norway, Finland and Iceland also should get samples of the cultivars offered during the hobby assortment. During the coming year we will therefore analyse, how the knowledge about our hobby assortment can be spread out to all Nordic countries, and how the seeds can be distributed more equally between the different countries.

Are you interested in heritage cultivars but did not manage to make a seed request this year, then try and check these possibilities: Resurser för fröodling i Norden