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Spring farming

Spring farming at NordGen

Spring farming is in full swing and newly sown plants are emerging in several different locations.

In our larger fields at the farm L√∂nnstorp the cereals are already sown. Here we also grow forage crops, their wild relatives and conduct a cultivation trial with peas.

In our cold greenhouse, wild relatives of barley are in bloom and the diversity is astounding. In here there are also the newly sown peas, chives, white cabbage, garden orache and many other species.

In our warm greenhouse small plants of lettuce are sprouting, these are also wild relatives to the cultivated lettuce.

Out in the field radishes are hiding in a cold frame and below the insect mesh the white cabbage 'Dolme' is prospering. The clover is spreading in the open beds and soon the first flower buds will appear.

In our insect proof tents a Finnish turnip, a Danish May turnip and a Swedish cauliflower are already in bloom. They were sown in October and have quietly developed in a frost free environment in the greenhouse during the winter and soon bumblebee nests will be placed in each tent. In the near future the seeds for next harvest can start to develop in the small pods.

Producing a new generation of seeds is the main goal for the cultivation at NordGen!