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New publication 2015:01

Vegetable cultivars in Sweden in a historical view

Cultivars have come and gone during years. The assortment of cultivars today is only a part of what we had 100 years ago. NordGen have since the 1980's collected many old cultivars in the genebank, but do we know what we have not found? There is no complete list of Nordic cultivars over time, even though NordGen's culton database is a step on the way. We want to improve that.

During 2012 and 2014 were two projects carried out with the common goal to create a list of vegetables that have been cultivated in Sweden, together with the cultivar descriptions that can be found. The work resulted in long lists of seed traders, the assortments of cultivars. The work was carried out by Agneta Börjeson and financed by NordGen.


The result from these two projects are presented in the report 'Sorter av köksväxter. Svenska priskuranter från 1800-talet till 1930', translated Cultivars of vegetables. Swedish seed catalogues from the 1800s to 1930.  In the report, Börjeson describes how the work was done, about cultivar names and definition of cultivar groups and the problems related to this that were come across, how the seed catalogues were interpreted for different crops, and how future work can be done. In the end of the report there is a list of seed catalogues/companies from 1800s to 1930 and the crop groups they sold seeds of, and an extensive list of vegetable cultivars from 1850 to 1930.

Download  the report in pdf format.