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Potato distribution 2015

Large public interest in old potato cultivars

We received many more requests than expected for portions of the selected 20 cultivars in NordGen potato collection– the number of organisations/persons requesting material increased from 138 in 2014 to 345 this year, which is an increase with 150 percent.



The most popular cultivar was 'BlÃ¥ mandel'. Accession NGB3230.  Photo: Staffan Erlandsson.  

The possibility to order potato cultivars opened the 1st of February, and it was obvious already after a couple of weeks that the demand was high. We tried to see to that as many as possible would at least get one tuber of the desired cultivars. At the end of the packing of orders several of the popular cultivars were out of stock. These were if possible replaced by other cultivars so that they can be tried out instead. 

Top wanted cultivars

The most desired cultivars were:

’BlÃ¥ mandel’  214 requests

’Early rose’   150

’Rättviks röd’  150

’Lange røde’  136

Thereafter came ‘Röda krokar’ (95 requests),’ Tysk blå’ (91), ‘Valtti’ (85) and ‘Gular íslenskar’ (81).


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