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Media clipping

Here you find links to more features about NordGen and our activities from radio, television and webbmagazines.

2010-07-13 BBC News: 'Red hot' chillies arrive at frozen seed vault
2010-06-21 Nowness: Svalbard Global Seed Vault
2010-03-10 Life 'Doomsday' Seed Vault Stores 500,000 Crops
2010-03-10 Reuters: Arctic seed vault sets record, over 500,000 samples
2009-12-16 Norway Post: 50 000 seed samples Svalbard Seed Vault
2009 August TED Cary Fowler: One seed at a time, protecting the future of food
2009-02-27 The Planet's Ultimate Backup Plan: Svalbard
2009-02-26 Envronment News Service: Icy Global Seed Vault Hosts Global Warming Meeting
2009-01-24 SvD: Gamla fröer får nytt liv
2008-11-05 Svalbard Global Seed Vault - en de beste nyskapninge i 2007 mener Time Magazine.
2008-10-27 Time Magazine: The 6th best invention of 2007
2008-02-26 Sveriges Radio: Global fröbank invigs på Svalbard 
2008-02-26 Gigantfrølager åpnet
2008-02-24 "Domedagsbunkern" invigs på Svalbard
2008-02-15 NRK: Grosvold - feature about that Global Seed Vault at Svalbard: interview with Cary Fowler, The Global Crop Diversity Trust

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Photo: Simon Jeppson


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