Månad: juni 2016

Successful OCS workshop at Hafjell

The OCS workshop arranged by NordGen 6th-10th of June at Hafjell, Norway was a success. To maximize the learning experience of all participants, the workshop was divided into two parts: introductory and advanced. “Part I – Introductory” included lectures on...

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Native Swedish chicken breeds

Although these breeds have probably gone through severe bottlenecks, they still express high phenotypic variation, e.g. in body size and plumage colour. Genetic variation and relatedness of the Swedish local chicken breeds had to date not been investigated. Three molecular...

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Cryopreservation of Finnhorse semen

Finnhorse is the only native horse breed in Finland. It has a long history and is an an invaluable part of the Finnish cultural and historical heritage. The hardworking Finnhorse was used in agriculture and forestry, and it bravely served...

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