Månad: september 2016

Mixed forests at the scene

– Mixed-species forests can fulfil many forest functions and services better than mono-specific stands and receive growing attention in forest science and practice. Hans Pretzsch, professor at the Technical University of Munich has his expertise in silviculture and has worked...

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Swedish Action Plan updated

Sweden has updated its national action plan for the conservation of farm animal genetic resources. The document (in Swedish only) can be found on the website of the Swedish Board of Agriculture. 

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Iceland, Grazing conference

Successful grazing conference

NordGen in collaboration with the Soil Conservation Service of Iceland arranged a 3-day multi-disciplinary conference on grazing in a changing Nordic region, September 12-15 in Reykjavik, Iceland. The conference gathered together 98 participants from 17 different countries. The focus of...

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Genetic rescue of Norwegian Lundehund

An article published in the Finnish Kennel Club’s magazine “Koiramme” (9/2016) describes the history, characteristics and challenges of the highly endangered lundehund population. Several severe bottlenecks in the history of the Lundehund have resulted in a severe loss of genetic...

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Nordic cooperation on subalpine fir

One aim of the Ph.D project is to gather the overall existing information on the differences between and within the different provenances of subalpine fir (Abies lasiocarpa) with regards to mortality, growth, tree properties, resistance to aphids and fungi, post-harvest...

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