International Database for Barley Genes and Barley Genetic Stocks

Alphabetic listing of Barley Genetic Stock (BGS) descriptions for loci.
Locus symbolBGS no. Chr. loc.Locus name or phenotypeBGN vol:page
abo1207 1HLAlbino seedling 126:210
abo253 2HSAlbino seedling 226:89
abo3587 Albino seedling 326:514
abo494 2HAlbino seedling 426:133
abo6106 3HSAlbino seedling 646:60
abo84 7HSAlbino seedling 826:47
abo9112 3HSAlbino seedling 926:146
abo10588 Albino seedling 1026:515
Acr2189 4HLAccordion rachis 247:101
abo12341 5HSAlbino seedling 1226:290
abo14270 6HLAlbino seedling 1426:250
abo11589 Albino seedling 1126:516
abo1395 2HLAlbino seedling 1326:134
abr1472 2HLAccordion basal rachis internode 126:419
abo15271 6HSAlbino seedling 1526:251
acr197 2HLAccordion rachis 147:68
Acr3241 1HLAccordion rachis 348:115
acr4679 2H/6HLAccordion rachis 447:181
adp1593 3HLAwned palea 143:158
alm1108 3HSAlbino lemma 146:61
als1101 3HLAbsent lower laterals 143:74
ant133 7HSAnthocyanin-less 148:68
ant280 2HLAnthocyanin-less 248:80
ant3594 Anthocyanin-deficient 329:82
ant4595 4HAnthocyanin-deficient 445:216
ant5596 Anthocyanin-deficient 548:168
ant6597 Anthocyanin-deficient 629:85
ant13598 6HLProanthocyanidin-free 1329:86
ant17599 3HSProanthocyanidin-free 1746:218
ant18600 3HProanthocyanidin-free1845:221
ant19601 Proanthocyanidin-free 1929:92
ant20602 Anthocyanin-rich 2029:93
ant21603 6HProanthocyanidin-free 2129:94
ant22604 2HLProanthocyanidin-free 2241:191
ant25605 Proanthocyanidin-free 2529:96
ant26606 Proanthocyanidin-free 2629:97
ant27607 Proanthocyanidin-free 2729:98
ant28608 3HLProanthocyanidin-free 2846:131
ant29609 Proanthocyanidin-free 2929:100
ant30610 Proanthocyanidin-free 3029:101
ari-a132 3HSBreviaristatum-a41:106
ari-b550 Breviaristatum-b44:185
ari-e328 5HLBreviaristatum-e47:120
ari-f551 7HBreviaristatum-f41:182
ari-g89 2HBreviaristatum-g47:66
ari-h329 5HLBreviaristatum-h48:124
ari-j552 Breviaristatum-j44:186
ari-k553 3HBreviaristatum-k44:187
ari-m554 7HSBreviaristatum-m47:175
ari-n555 7HBreviaristatum-n41:185
ari-o556 7HLBreviaristatum-o45:200
ari-p557 Breviaristatum-p46:120
ari-q558 4HBreviaristatum-q44:188
ari-r559 5HBreviaristatum-r41:187
Ari-s630 5H/7HBreviaristatum-s41:197
ari-t238 1HBreviaristatum-t47:104
ari-u678 2HSBreviaristatum-u45:239
ari-v680 5HSBreviaristatum-v41:202
ari-w721 7HBreviaristatum-w43:216
ari-x274 6HBreviaristatum-x43:124
ari-y722 5HBreviaristatum-y43:217
asp1649 Aborted spike 143:172
blf1326 2HLBroad leaf 146:90
blf2337 5HLBroad leaf 241:137
Blp1203 1HLBlack lemma and pericarp 148:102
blx115 4HLNon-blue aleurone xenia 148:61
blx219 7HLNon-blue aleurone xenia 248:63
blx3173 4HLNon-blue aleurone xenia 348:93
blx4174 4HLNon-blue (pink) aleurone xenia 448:95
blx5454 7HLNon-blue aleurone xenia 548:148
bra-a619 7HBracteatum-a44:196
bra-d586 1HLBracteatum-d40:139
brc1613 2HSBranched 145:224
brh11 7HSBrachytic 147:50
brh2157 4HLBrachytic 248:91
brh3631 Brachytic 345:229
brh4349 2HLBrachytic 442:407
brh5185 4HSBrachytic 544:110
brh6350 5HLBrachytic 642:408
brh741 7HBrachytic 742:98
brh8142 3HLBrachytic 842:232
brh9187 4HLBrachytic 943:99
brh10653 2HSBrachytic 1045:231
brh11654 5HSBrachytic 1145:232
brh12655 5HSBrachytic 1245:233
brh13656 5HSBrachytic 1345:234
brh14148 3HLBrachytic 1445:111
brh15657 2HBrachytic 1544:205
brh1644 7HLBrachytic 1645:89
brh17658 5HSBrachytic 1745:236
brh18659 5HSBrachytic 1845:237
bsp1645 Bushy spike 143:168
btr1115 3HSNon-brittle rachis 143:78
btr2116 3HSNon-brittle rachis 243:80
cal-b620 5HLCalcaroides-b44:197
Cal-c621 5HLCalcaroides-c41:195
cal-d146 3HCalcaroides-d40:58
cal-e622 5HSCalcaroides-e32:123
cer-d399 5HLEceriferum-d41:153
cer-e400 1HLEceriferum-e48:136
cer-f401 1HEceriferum-f48:138
cer-g402 2HLEceriferum-g47:131
cer-h403 4HSEceriferum-h41:157
cer-i404 5HLEceriferum-i41:158
cer-k405 4HLEceriferum-k41:160
cer-l406 3HLEceriferum-l44:142
cer-m407 1HL/3HLEceriferum-m41:161
cer-n408 2HLEceriferum-n44:143
cer-o409 1HLEceriferum-o40:106
cer-p410 7HLEceriferum-p41:162
cer-r411 3HLEceriferum-r45:168
cer-t412 5HLEceriferum-t41:164
cer-v414 2HSEceriferum-v44:147
cer-w415 5HLEceriferum-w41:166
cer-y417 1HSEceriferum-y44:149
cer-xa538 2HL/4H/5HLEceriferum-xa44:174
cer-xb539 4HEceriferum-xb44:175
cer-xc540 1HEceriferum-xc44:176
cer-xd541 4H/5HLEceriferum-xd44:177
cer-ya444 3HSEceriferum-ya26:396
cer-yb445 2HLEceriferum-yb41:171
cer-yc446 6H/7HSEceriferum-yc41:172
cer-yd447 3HSEceriferum-yd26:399
cer-ye448 4HEceriferum-ye43:149
cer-yf449 7HEceriferum-yf44:160
cer-yg450 7HSEceriferum-yg44:161
cer-yh451 3HSEceriferum-yh26:403
cer-yi522 2HEceriferum-yi41:180
cer-yj523 1HSEceriferum-yj40:124
cer-yk524 7HLEceriferum-yk44:167
cer-yl525 Eceriferum-yl47:171
cer-ym526 Eceriferum-ym47:173
cer-yn527 1HEceriferum-yn40:125
cer-yo528 4HSEceriferum-yo44:168
cer-yp529 5HSEceriferum-yp44:169
cer-yq530 5HEceriferum-yq44:170
cer-yr531 5HLEceriferum-yr44:171
cer-ys532 2HLEceriferum-ys44:172
cer-yt533 1HL/5HLEceriferum-yt48:156
cer-yu534 1HEceriferum-yu48:157
cer-yx535 1HL/3HL/5HEceriferum-yx48:158
Cer-yy536 1HSEceriferum-yy48:159
cer-yz537 1H/5HEceriferum-yz44:173
cer-z418 7HSEceriferum-z44:150
cer-za419 5HLEceriferum-za43:144
cer-zb420 5HSEceriferum-zb42:508
cer-zc421 4HL/2HSEceriferum-zc42:510
cer-zd422 3HLEceriferum-zd48:140
cer-ze423 7HSEceriferum-ze44:152
cer-zf424 3H/7HSEceriferum-zf42:516
cer-zg425 4HLEceriferum-zg48:142
cer-zi427 1HLEceriferum-zi41:168
cer-zj428 5HLEceriferum-zj42:520
cer-zk429 2HLEceriferum-zk43:146
cer-zl430 Eceriferum-zl26:382
cer-zn431 1HEceriferum-zn40:112
cer-zo432 3HSEceriferum-zo44:154
cer-zp433 5HLEceriferum-zp48:144
cer-zq434 Eceriferum-zq48:146
cer-zr435 5HLEceriferum-zr44:155
cer-zs436 Eceriferum-zs44:156
cer-zt437 2HSEceriferum-zt44:157
cer-zu438 1HSEceriferum-zu41:170
cer-zv439 Eceriferum-zv47:133
cer-zw440 Eceriferum-zw26:392
cer-zx441 3HEceriferum-zx46:111
cer-zy442 1HSEceriferum-zy40:116
cer-zz443 Eceriferum-zz44:159
clh1225 1HL/7HL/5HLCurled leaf dwarf 148:109
com1473 5HLCompositum 147:135
com271 2HSCompositum 245:95
crl1325 6HCurly lateral 141:129
crm1305 5HLCream seedling 126:256
cst1673 5HLCorn stalk 141:199
cud1324 5HLCurly dwarf 126:272
cud2229 1HLCurly dwarf 247:103
cul2253 6HLUniculm 243:112
cul3616 3HLUniculme 343:161
cul4617 3HLUniculme 446:132
cur1262 6HLCurly 146:81
cur2114 3HLCurly 244:82
cur4460 2HLCurly 445:172
cur3263 6HLCurly 341:125
cur5231 2HSCurly 541:120
ddt1317 5HSReaction to DDT 126:266
des112 7HDesynapsis 142:58
des2119 3HDesynapsis 243:84
des3386 2H/5HLDesynapsis 343:140
des413 7HDesynapsis 444:54
des514 7HLDesynapsis 548:59
des6215 1HL/5HLDesynapsis 643:106
des764 3HDesynapsis 743:67
des8387 3HDesynapsis 841:151
des9388 7HLDesynapsis 944:131
des10389 5HLDesynapsis 1048:134
des11390 3HLDesynapsis 1144:132
des12391 3HDesynapsis 1244:133
des13392 3HDesynapsis 1344:134
des14393 7HDesynapsis 1444:135
des15394 3HLDesynapsis 1544:136
dsk1322 5HLDusky 141:128
dex1311 5HSDefective endosperm xenia 126:260
dsk2729 7HLDusky 244:208
dsp19 7HSDense spike 143:50
dsp9258 6HLDense spike 947:107
dsp10111 3HLDense spike 1048:84
dsp11244 1HLDense spike 1141:121
dub1661 5HLDouble seed 148:172
Eam165 2HSEarly maturity 147:56
Eam5348 5HLEarly maturity 545:123
Eam698 2HSEarly maturity 646:57
eam7252 6HSEarly maturity 745:118
eam8214 1HLEarly maturity 846:69
eam9181 4HLEarly maturity 926:204
eam10130 3HLEarly maturity 1044:86
eli-a623 Eligulum-a48:170
min2160 Enhancer of minute26:186
eog157 2HLElongated outer glume 143:64
ert-a28 7HSErectoides-a41:76
ert-b224 1HLErectoides-b48:107
ert-c134 3HLErectoides-c41:108
ert-d29 7HSErectoides-d42:82
ert-e266 6HLErectoides-e47:109
ert-f560 1HErectoides-f48:162
ert-g330 1HLErectoides-g41:133
ert-h561 5HLErectoides-h44:189
ert-ii135 3HLErectoides-ii45:109
ert-j90 2HErectoides-j43:70
ert-k562 6HErectoides-k46:121
ert-l563 Erectoides-l48:163
ert-m30 7HSErectoides-m46:47
ert-n331 5HLErectoides-n44:120
ert-p564 Erectoides-p48:164
ert-q91 6HErectoides-q43:71
Ert-r332 2HLErectoides-r47:123
ert-s565 Erectoides-s48:165
ert-t566 2HSErectoides-t45:203
ert-u92 2HErectoides-u45:100
ert-v567 6HErectoides-v41:188
ert-x568 1H/7HErectoides-x40:136
ert-y569 Erectoides-y48:166
ert-z570 Erectoides-z48:167
ert-za571 5HErectoides-za44:190
ert-zb572 Erectoides-zb45:205
ert-zc573 Erectoides-zc45:206
ert-zd93 7HLErectoides-zd45:102
ert-ze574 Erectoides-ze45:207
fch155 2HSChlorina seedling 148:73
fch2117 3HLChlorina seedling 248:86
fch3220 1HSChlorina seedling 348:104
fch417 7HLChlorina seedling 443:54
fch518 7HSChlorina seedling 543:56
fch6313 5HLChlorina seedling 644:116
fch7201 1HLChlorina seedling 741:113
fch85 7HSChlorina seedling 841:62
fch9151 4HSChlorina seedling 944:92
fch10177 4HChlorina seedling1043:95
fch11260 6HLChlorina seedling 1145:120
fch122 7HSChlorina seedling 1248:57
fch1386 5HLChlorina seedling 1344:77
fch1487 2HLChlorina seedling 1444:78
fch1552 2HSChlorina seedling 1548:72.
clo-a676 2HSChlorina-a48:173
fch17191 1HL/3HLChlorina seedling 1748:100
fer1453 Few roots 146:112
flo-a182 6HExtra floret-a45:116
flo-b327 5HLExtra floret-b45:121
flo-c74 2HSExtra floret-c45:97
fol-a73 2HLAngustifolium-a43:69
Fol-b548 1HSAngustifolium-b48:161
fst1301 5HLFragile stem 148:122
fst2208 1HLFragile stem 241:114
fst324 7HSFragile stem 341:74
fxp1728 Fenoxaprop-p-ethyl reaction 143:223
gig1463 2HLGigas 144:164
gig2612 4HLGigas 244:191
glf1155 4HLGlossy leaf 147:81
glf3165 4HLGlossy leaf 347:86
glo-a168 4HSGlobosum-a45:115
glo-b336 5HLGlobosum-b48:125
glo-c72 2HGlobosum-c43:68
glo-e230 1HLGlobosum-e45:117
glo-f342 5HLGlobosum-f48:127
gpa159 2HLGrandpa 145:91
gra-a131 7HGranum-a47:79
gsh1351 2HSGlossy sheath 146:94
gsh2352 3HLGlossy sheath 247:125
gsh3353 7HSGlossy sheath 341:143
gsh4354 6HLGlossy sheath 441:146
gsh5355 2HLGlossy sheath 547:128
gsh6356 2HSGlossy sheath 646:101
gsh781 1H/2HL/5HGlossy sheath 748:83
gsh8413 2HSGlossy sheath 846:105
Gth169 2HLToothed lemma 147:68
hcm177 2HLShort culm 126:113
Hln1164 4HLHairs on lemma nerves 144:99
Hsh1179 4HLHairy leaf sheath 144:107
ibl1716 Intense blue aleurone 148:174
int-b320 5HLIntermedium spike-b47:118
int-c178 4HSIntermedium spike-c47:91
int-f543 2HS/3HLIntermedium spike-f44:178
int-h544 5HIntermedium spike-h44:179
int-i545 2HSIntermedium spike-i41:181
int-k546 7HIntermedium spike-k44:180
int-m547 5HLIntermedium spike-m44:181
Kap1152 4HSHooded lemma 126:179
lab1730 Labile 146:137
lam1651 Late maturity 143:174
lax-a474 5HLLaxatum-a46:113
lax-b268 6HLLaxatum-b44:113
lax-c475 6HLLaxatum-c47:137
lbi1308 5HLLong basal rachis internode 143:125
lbi2156 4HSLong basal rachis internode 244:93
lbi327 7HLLong basal rachis internode 342:79
lel1235 1HLLeafy lemma 146:74
Lfb1343 5HLLeafy bract 141:140
Lga1549 7HSLong glume awn 144:183
lgn2169 4HSLight green 242:264
lgn3170 1HLLight green 344:103
lgn4171 4HLLight green 444:105
lig160 2HLLiguleless 145:93
lin199 2HSLesser internode number 141:92
Lks175 2HLAwnless 141:84
lks210 7HLShort awn 245:80
lks5172 4HLShort awn 547:89
lks6724 1H/5H/6HShort awn 643:219
lnt1118 3HLLow number of tillers 147:74
lys1338 5HLHigh lysine 126:286
lys3339 5HLHigh lysine 343:127
Lys4232 1HSHigh lysine 448:113
lys6269 6HHigh lysine 644:114
lzd1125 3HLazy dwarf 143:87
mat-b578 Praematurum-b46:123
mat-c579 Praematurum-c46:125
mat-d580 4HL/6HLPraematurum-d45:208
mat-e581 Praematurum-e26:508
mat-f582 1HPraematurum-f45:210
mat-g583 Praematurum-g26:510
mat-h584 4HLPraematurum-h45:212
mat-i585 7HLPraematurum-i45:214
min1161 4HLSemi-minute dwarf 144:97
mnd1519 2HMany-noded dwarf 148:155
mnd3618 4HSMany noded dwarf 344:194
mnd4347 5HLMany noded dwarf 444:122
mnd6633 5HLMany noded dwarf 644:203
mnd5632 7HLMany noded dwarf 544:202
mnd7726 Many-noded dwarf 743:221
mov143 7HLMultiovary 143:59
mov2147 3HSMultiovary 243:91
mov3234 1HMultiovary 332:102
mov4648 Multiovary 443:171
mov5723 Multiovary 543:218
msg1357 1HLMale sterile genetic 145:126
msg2358 2HLMale sterile genetic 245:128
msg3359 2HSMale sterile genetic 345:130
msg4360 1HMale sterile genetic 445:132
msg5361 3HSMale sterile genetic 545:133
msg6362 6HSMale sterile genetic 645:135
msg7363 5HLMale sterile genetic 745:137
msg8364 5HLMale sterile genetic 845:139
msg9365 2HSMale sterile genetic 945:141
msg10366 7HSMale sterile genetic 1048:128
msg11367 Male sterile genetic 1145:144
msg13368 Male sterile genetic 1345:146
msg14369 7HSMale sterile genetic 1445:147
msg15370 Male sterile genetic 1545:149
msg16371 5HSMale sterile genetic 1645:150
msg17372 Male sterile genetic 1745:152
msg18373 5HLMale sterile genetic 1845:153
msg19374 5HSMale sterile genetic 1945:155
msg20375 4HLMale sterile genetic 2045:156
msg21376 1HLMale sterile genetic 2145:157
msg22383 7HMale sterile genetic 2245:162
msg23384 7HLMale sterile genetic 2345:163
msg24385 4HLMale sterile genetic 2448:132.
msg25166 4HLMale sterile genetic 2545:113
msg26395 7HSMale sterile genetic 2645:166
msg27464 2HLMale sterile genetic 2745:174
msg28465 2HSMale sterile genetic 2845:175
msg29466 5HLMale sterile genetic 2945:176
msg30467 7HLMale sterile genetic 3045:177
msg31468 1HLMale sterile genetic 3145:178
msg32469 7HMale sterile genetic 3245:179
msg33470 2HSMale sterile genetic 3345:180
msg34471 6HMale sterile genetic 3445:181
msg35498 2HLMale sterile genetic 3545:183
msg36499 6HSMale sterile genetic 3645:184
msg37500 Male sterile genetic 3745:186
msg38501 3HLMale sterile genetic 3845:187
msg39502 3HLMale sterile genetic 3945:188
msg40503 6HMale sterile genetic 4045:190
msg41504 Male sterile genetic 4145:191
msg42505 3HMale sterile genetic 4245:193
msg43506 Male sterile genetic 4345:194
msg44507 Male sterile genetic 4445:195
msg45508 Male sterile genetic 4545:196
msg46509 Male sterile genetic 4645:197
msg47510 Male sterile genetic 4745:198
msg48520 1HMale sterile genetic 4845:199
msg49335 5HLMale sterile genetic 4945:122
msg5034 7HLMale sterile genetic 5045:88
mss184 5HMidseason stripe 144:75
mss239 7HSMidseason stripe 244:59
mtt1521 1HMottled leaf 141:179
mtt2302 5HLMottled leaf 241:127
mtt478 2HLMottled leaf 441:86
mtt5264 6HLMottled leaf 541:126
mtt7677 2HSMottled leaf 742:753
mtt6629 7HSMottled leaf 645:228
mtt8674 Mottled leaf 843:182
mtt9675 Mottled leaf 944:207
mul2251 6HLMultiflorus 248:119
nar1637 6HSNADH nitrate reductase-deficient 1 (EC1.6.6.1; Acc. No. X57844 and X57845)35:194
nar2638 5HLNADH nitrate reductase-deficient 2 (molybdenum cofactor)35:195
nar3639 7HSNADH nitrate reductase-deficient 3 (molybdenum cofactor)35:196
nar4640 2HLNADH nitrate reductase-deficient 4 (molybdenum cofactor)35:197
nar5641 5HLNADH nitrate reductase-deficient 5 (molybdenum cofactor)35:198
nar6642 2HLNADH nitrate reductase-deficient 6 (molybdenum cofactor)35:199
nar7643 6HLNADH nitrate reductase-deficient 7 [NAD(P)H nitrate reductase-deficient EC1.6.6.2, Acc. No. X60173]35:200
nar8644 6HSNADH nitrate reductase-deficient 8 (molybdenum cofactor)35:201
nec1222 1HLNecrotic leaf spot 143:108
nec2261 6HSNecrotic leaf spot 226:241
nec3265 6HSNecrotic leaf spot 343:116
nec4138 3HNecrotic leaf spot 443:88
nec5139 3HNecrotic leaf spot 543:89
Nec6611 7HSNecrotic leaf spot 643:159
nec7635 1H/6H/7HNecroticans 743:166
nec8671 5HLNecrotic leaf spot 843:179
nec9672 3HLNecrotic leaf spot 943:181
nec10681 3HNecroticans 1043:184
nec11682 1HNecroticans 1143:185
nec12683 Necroticans 1243:186
nec13684 Necroticans 1343:187
nec14685 Necroticans 1443:188
nec15686 Necroticans 1543:189
nec16687 Necroticans 1643:190
nec17688 Necroticans 1743:191
nec18689 Necroticans 1843:192
nec19690 Necroticans 1943:193
nec20691 Necroticans 2043:194
nec21692 Necroticans 2143:195
Nec22693 Necroticans 2243:196
nec23694 Necroticans 2343:197
Nec24695 Necroticans 2443:198
nec25696 Necroticans 2543:199
Nec26697 Necroticans 2643:200
nec27698 Necroticans 2743:201
nec28699 Necroticans 2843:202
nec29700 Necroticans 2943:203
nec30701 Necroticans 3043:204
nec31702 Necroticans 3143:205
nec32703 Necroticans 3243:206
nec33704 Necroticans 3343:207
nec34197 4HSNecrotic leaf spot 3443:104
nld1323 5HLNarrow leafed dwarf 126:271
nld2660 5H/6H/7HNarrow leafed dwarf 243:176
nud17 7HLNaked caryopsis 144:51
ops1624 7HSOpposite spikelets 145:226
ops2718 5HLOpposite spikelets 243:213
ops3719 5HSOpposite spikelets 343:214
ovl1176 4HOvaryless 135:191
ovl2646 Ovaryless 243:169
ovl3725 Ovaryless 343:220
pmr140 7HSPremature ripe 144:60
pmr2634 Premature ripe 232:135
Pre276 2HLRed lemma and pericarp 248:77
Pub1127 3HLPubescent leaf blade 144:84
Pvc168 2HLPurple veined lemma 144:67
Pyr142 3HLPyramidatum 141:78
raw1312 5HLSmooth awn 146:84
raw2340 5HLSmooth awn 226:289
raw5257 6HLSmooth awn 544:112
raw6334 5HLSmooth awn 626:282
rcr1737 Required for resistance to Cochliobolus sativus 145:249
rcr2738 Required for resistance to Cochliobolus sativus 245:250
rcr3739 Required for resistance to Cochliobolus sativus 345:251
rob1254 6HSOrange lemma 146:78
Rpc1149 3HReaction to Puccinia coronata var. hordei 137:232
Rpg1511 7HSReaction to Puccinia graminis 1 (wheat stem rust)26:437
Rpg2512 Reaction to Puccinia graminis 2 (wheat stem rust)48:153
rpg4319 5HLReaction to Puccinia graminis 4 (wheat stem rust)26:267
Rph170 2HReaction to Puccinia hordei 1 (barley leaf rust)26:107
Rph288 5HSReaction to Puccinia hordei 2 (barley leaf rust)37:212
Rph3121 7HLReaction to Puccinia hordei 3 (barley leaf rust)26:156
Rph4218 1HSReaction to Puccinia hordei 4 (barley leaf rust)42:302
Rph5122 3HSReaction to Puccinia hordei 5 (barley leaf rust)37:224
Rph6575 Reaction to Puccinia hordei 6 (barley leaf rust)26:501
Rph7136 3HSReaction to Puccinia hordei 7 (barley leaf rust)37:228
Rph8576 Reaction to Puccinia hordei 8 (barley leaf rust)26:502
Rph932 5HLReaction to Puccinia hordei 9 (barley leaf rust)37:201
Rph10137 3HLReaction to Puccinia hordei 10 (barley leaf rust)26:174
Rph11267 6HLReaction to Puccinia hordei 11 (barley leaf rust)26:247
Rph12333 5HLReaction to Puccinia hordei 12 (barley leaf rust)26:281
Rph13590 Reaction to Puccinia hordei 13 (barley leaf rust)28:31
Rph14591 Reaction to Puccinia hordei 14 (barley leaf rust)28:32
Rph1596 2HSReaction to Puccinia hordei 15 (barley leaf rust)37:214
rpr1707 4HRequired for Puccinia graminis resistance 142:757
rpr2731 Required for Puccinia graminis resistance 246:139
rpr3732 Required for Puccinia graminis resistance 346:141
rpr4733 Required for Puccinia graminis resistance 446:142
rpr5734 Required for Puccinia graminis resistance 546:143
rpr6735 Required for Puccinia graminis resistance 646:144
rpr7736 Required for Puccinia graminis resistance 746:146
Rpt1667 3HLReaction to Pyrenophora teres 143:177
Rpt2237 1HSReaction to Pyrenophora teres 243:110
Rpt3711 2HSReaction to Pyrenophora teres 343:208
Rpt448 7HLReaction to Pyrenophora teres 443:61
Rpt5272 6HLReaction to Pyrenophora teres 543:120
Rpt6713 5HLReaction to Pyrenophora teres 643:210
Rpt7714 4HLReaction to Pyrenophora teres 743:211
Rpt8198 4HSReaction to Pyrenophora teres 843:105
Rsg122 7HReaction to Schizaphis graminum 1 (greenbug)37:199
Rsg2577 Reaction to Schizaphis graminum 2 (greenbug)37:283
rsm135 7HSReaction to barley stripe mosaic virus 1 (BSMV)48:71
Rsp1515 Reaction to Septoria passerinii 126:441
Rsp2516 1HSReaction to Septoria passerinii 237:275
Rsp3517 1HSReaction to Septoria passerinii 337:276
rtt151 2HSRattail spike 147:53
Run121 7HSReaction to Ustilago nuda 1 (loose smut)26:67
rvl1226 1HLRevoluted leaf 148:110
Ryd2123 3HLReaction to barley yellow dwarf virus 2 (BYDV)26:158
rym1167 4HLReaction to barley yellow mosaic virus 1 (BaYMV)32:96
Rym220 7HLReaction to barley yellow mosaic virus 2 (BaYMV)26:66
rym3345 5HSReaction to barley yellow mosaic virus 3 (BaYMV)32:105
rym5141 3HLReaction to barley yellow mosaic virus 5 (BaYMV)32:90
sbk162 2HSSubjacent hood 148:75
sca1128 3HSShort crooked awn 144:85
sci-a625 5HScirpoides-a44:200
sci-b239 1H/6HScirpoides-b46:76
scl-a626 1HLScirpoides leaf-a44:201
scl-b150 3H/6HScirpoides leaf-b40:60
sdw1518 3HLSemidwarf 147:168
sdw2133 3HLSemidwarf 245:108
sdw445 7HLSemidwarf 446:51
sdw6240 1H/7HSemidwarf 646:77
sdw7196 4HLSemidwarf 743:103
seg1377 5HShrunken endosperm genetic 145:158
seg2378 7HSShrunken endosperm genetic 226:326
seg3379 3HSShrunken endosperm genetic 345:160
seg4380 7HLShrunken endosperm genetic 437:267
seg5381 7HSShrunken endosperm genetic 526:329
seg6396 3HLShrunken endosperm genetic 644:138
seg7397 Shrunken endosperm genetic 737:269
seg8455 7HShrunken endosperm genetic 848:149
sex1382 6HLShrunken endosperm xenia 148:130
sex631 7HSShrunken endosperm xenia 645:86
sex7628 5HLShrunken endosperm xenia 732:129
sex8143 3HSShrunken endosperm xenia 843:90
sex9195 4HLShrunken endosperm xenia 943:102
sgh1163 4HLSpring growth habit 126:188
Sgh2309 5HLSpring growth habit 226:259
Sgh3213 1HLSpring growth habit 326:212
sid1180 4HLSingle internode dwarf 143:97
Sil1228 1HSubcrown internode length 148:112
sld1126 3HLSlender dwarf 141:103
sld283 2HSSlender dwarf 244:74
sld3186 4HSSlender dwarf 348:97
sld4100 2HSSlender dwarf 443:72
sld5144 3HSSlender dwarf 544:90
sld6242 1HSlender dwarf 648:117
sld7194 4HLSlender dwarf 743:101
sld849 7HS/4HLSlender dwarf 843:63
sls1227 1HLSmall lateral spikelet 148:111
smn138 3H/5HSeminudoides 143:58
snb126 7HSSubnodal bract 148:67
srh1321 5HLShort rachilla hair 146:86
sun1650 Sensitivity to Ustilago nuda 143:173
tfm1190 1HLThick filament 1 (male sterile genetic)48:99
trd1202 1HLThird outer glume 146:65
trp161 4HLTriple awned lemma 141:82
tst1647 6HLTip sterile 143:170
tst2636 4HLTip sterile 243:167
ubs411 7HLUnbranched style 445:84
ubs5727 Unbranched style 543:222
uzu1102 3HLUzu 1 (semi-brachytic)47:70
var1306 5HLVariegated 137:259
var2344 5HLVariegated 232:104
var3303 5HLVariegated 344:115
viv-a627 2HViviparoides-a45:227
viv-b193 4HSViviparoides-b43:100
viv-c720 5HViviparoides-c43:215
vrs16 2HLSix-rowed spike 137:192
vrs1.c = lr58 2HLSix-rowed spike 126:94
Vrs1.d = Vd66 2HLSix-rowed spike 1 (two-rowed spike)26:103
Vrs1.t67 2HLSix-rowed spike 1 (deficiens spike)47:57
vrs2314 5HLSix-rowed spike 247:113
vrs3315 1HLSix-rowed spike 347:115
vrs4124 3HLSix-rowed spike 447:76
wax116 7HSWaxy endosperm 142:65
wnd123 4HLWinding dwarf 142:74
wst1107 3HLWhite streak 141:97
wst2304 5HLWhite streak 246:83
wst456 2HLWhite streak 444:61
wst5221 1HLWhite streak 546:73
wst6129 3HLWhite streak 641:105
wst779 2HLWhite streak 747:61
wxs1615 7H/2HLWaxy spike 143:160
Xnt125 7HLXantha seedling 148:65
xnt2513 Xantha seedling 226:440
xnt3105 3HSXantha seedling 326:139
xnt436 7HLXantha seedling 426:85
xnt5255 6HLXantha seedling 526:237
xnt6113 3HSXantha seedling 626:147
xnt7233 1HLXantha seedling 726:231
xnt8140 3HSXantha seedling 826:177
xnt937 7HLXantha seedling 926:86
yhd1158 4HLYellow head 142:250
yhd2592 Yellow head 245:215
ylf1652 7HSYellow leaf 143:175
Ynd1183 4HSYellow node 144:109
yst1104 3HSYellow streak 142:178
yst2109 3HSYellow streak 244:81
yst3462 3HSYellow streak 344:163
yst485 2HLYellow streak 444:76
yst5346 7HSYellow streak 543:130
yvs163 2HSVirescent seedling 126:99
yvs23 7HSVirescent seedling 226:46
zeb1120 3HLZebra stripe 143:86
zeb2461 4HSZebra stripe 243:152
Zeb3223 1HLZebra stripe 348:105
Zeo182 2HLZeocriton 147:63
Zeo2614 2HLZeocriton 247:177
Zeo3184 4HSZeocriton 347:95
Rpg3748 Reaction to Puccinia graminis 3 (wheat stem rust).48:178
Rpg7751 Reaction to Puccinia graminis 7 (wheat stem rust) 48:180
Qsd1752 Quantitative seed dormancy 1:
Alp1188 Aluminum tolerance47:98
lfl1275 Leafless 147:111
lax-d476 Laxatum-d47:139
lax-g478 Laxatum-g47:140
lax-h479 Laxatum-h47:142
lax-i480 Laxatum-i47:144
lax-j481 Laxatum-j47:145
lax-k482 Laxatum-k47:147
lax-l483 Laxatum l47:148
lax-m484 Locus-m47:149
lax-n485 Laxatum-n47:150
stb1741 Stubble 147:183
lax-o486 Laxatum-o47:152
lax-df487 Laxatum-df47:153
twk1743 Tweaky spike 147:185
lax-ff489 Laxatum-ff47:156
acr5744 Accordion rachis 547:187
lax-ef488 Laxatum-ef47:154
lax-gf490 Laxatum-gf47:157
lax-hf491 Laxatum-hf47:158
lax-if492 Laxatum-if47:160
Lax-mf496 Laxatum-mf48:152
lax-kf494 Laxatum-kf47:163
lax-lf495 Laxatum-lf47:164
lax-nf497 Laxatum-nf47:166
Lax-jf493 Laxatum-jf47:161
pbg1740 Pubescence on glume 147:182
sdw3663 Semidwarf 346:134
ari-z200 Breviaristatum-z48:101
ant23746 Anthocyanin-deficient 2348:176
gpc1276 Grain protein content 148:120
Lax-f477 Laxatum-f48:151
ant24747 Anthocyanin-deficient 2448:177
rpg6750 Reaction to Puccinia graminis 6 (wheat stem rust)48:179