Vild sandsenap

Nordic stakeholder workshop on crop wild relative conservation and use

Plats: The Natural History Museum, University of Oslo, Norway.

Datum: 2 november 2021 - 3 november 2021


This is the first workshop within the project Conservation and sustainable use of genetic resources in the Nordic countries, which serves as one of the work packages of the wider Nordic initiative Nature Based Solutions (2021-2024). The project aims to achieve Nordic synergy in the field of conservation and sustainable use of crop wild relatives, and to facilitate Nordic cooperation within this field.

The workshop will focus on genetic reserve establishment and associated practical, legal and policy implications. The aim is to facilitate knowledge exchange, and support and strengthen national/regional efforts on including crop wild relatives in management plans for protected areas. We will also discuss the legal aspects of their conservation in situ. At this first workshop we will learn from the experiences of other European colleagues, and address challenges and tentative solutions within the Nordic region.

If it will not be possible to arrange an in-person meeting due to COVID-19, an online meeting will be arranged instead

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