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General publications

Here you can find NordGen’s general publications, information material and other documents relevant to our areas of activity.You can download most of the material as PDF files.

NordGen Annual Review

NordGen Annual Review contains articles on our work and a report on our activities during the year. The review is in English. Download as PDF.

Annual Review 2014 (24 pages)
Annual Review 2013  (30 pages)
Annual Review 2012  (26 pages)
Annual Review 2011
Annual Review 2010Summary 2010  in Finnish/Swedish (download)
Annual Review 2009Summary 2009  in Finnish/Swedish (download)
Annual Review 2008 , Summary included


Swedish seed catalogues from the 1800s to 1930 were studied by Agenta Börjeson, and this report presents a compilation of the vegetable cultivars offered by Swedish seed companies during the time period. The report is in Swedish.
Sorter av köksväxter
Svenska priskuranter från 1800-talet till 1930. Av Agneta Börjeson.

NordGen publication series 2015:01

Download  i PDF-format

Cultural relict plants

More than just weeds
NordGen’s work with Cultural Relict Plants and Bernt Løjtnant’s inventories from Denmark.
Editor: Svein Øivind Solberg.

NordGen publication series 2014:03

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About cultural relict plants in the Nordic region, why they are interesting and worthy to conserve, as well as practical advice is given on how to adapt the management of historical sites to take cultural relict plants into consideration.
40 pages.

Title translated:
Cultural relict plants.
Living ancient monuments and how to conserve them.

In Danish:
Kulturreliktplanter Levende fortidsminder og hvordan vi bevarer dem  low resolution for web reading and sharing (1,5 MB).
Kulturreliktplanter Levende fortidsminder og hvordan vi bevarer dem  high resolution for print (27,3 MB).

In Swedish:
Kulturreliktväxter Levande fornminnen och hur vi bevarar dem  low resolution for web reading and sharing (1,5 MB).
Kulturreliktväxter Levande fornminnen och hur vi bevarar dem  high resolution for print (27,3 MB).

Spice and Medicinal Plants

Spice- and Medicinal Plants in the Nordic and Baltic Countries
Conservation of Genetic Resources

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NordGen folder

A folder about NordGen (a folded A4).

Download  PDF in Swedish
Download  PDF in English

Folder Farm Animals (4 pages)

NordGen – secures the biological livelihood for the present and the future  (English)
NordGen- för bevarande av genetiska resurser  (Swedish)
NordGen – sikrer det biologiske livsgrundlag for nutid og fremtid  (Danish)

Biodiversity – a key facor in a changing climate

The folder describes our views on the importance of safeguarding the biodiversity. Download as PDF or order it from us at info@nordgen.org. Please write your full postal address and how many copies you would like.

Nordic GENEresources 2008

Nordic GENEresources is a publication concerning our efforts to conserve plants, farm animal and forest genetic resources. From 2009 Nordic Resources will be edited together with the Annual Review.

Download as PDF in


Other publications

The Nordic Council of Ministers:

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Agenda 21 (2005)