Brown Bee Wiki

Nordic brown bees crawling around.
Brown bees at Læsø in Denmark. © Per Kryger, Aarhus University.

NordGen Farm Animals work to promote the management of the endangered Nordic bee. One tool in that work is to maintain a Brown Bee Wiki. A place where beekeepers and other interested parties can share information about the bee breed.

The Nordic brown or black bee is the honey bee that originally comes from the Nordic countries. For hundreds of years it has adapted to our Nordic climate and continues to fly at lower temperatures than other breeds. But the Nordic bee is threatened with extinction. NordGen has published a plan with advice on how the management of the bee can be strengthened, and this plan was recently updated. The plan includes the tool Brown Bee Wiki, a platform where beekeepers holding Nordic bees can meet and exchange knowledge. The tool is open to anyone with interest in knowledge about the brown bee.

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