NordGen-led 3MC Project at the Peräpohjola Market

Location: Tornio

Date: 2 July 2022

Time: 12.00 - 16.00


Would like to meet Nordic mountain cattle? Farmer Ilmari Majuri will be at the Peräpohjola market on 2 July. During the day, the Museum of the Torne Valley organizes events in connection to the exhibition “Snöhvit, Punakorva, Fjellblom”, which is produced together with the NordGen-led 3MC project.

Veterinarian Ossi Kemppainen tells about his experiences from the rescue operation of Northern finncattle. Among other things, he shares a hitherto unknown story of a secret insemination, which took place more than 40 years ago.

Meet the veterinarian at 12.00 on July 2 at the Museum of the Torne Valley. Participants are also more than welcome to share their stories about mountain cattle. The event lasts for about an hour and is held in Finnish. During the day, the museum also organizes the following mountain cow-related events:

12.00–15.00 Workshop: Cone cows. The museum’s maiden stone labyrinth is transformed into a meadow full of cone cows! Come and make your own cow!
14.00 (Finnish) & 15.00 (Swedish) Guided tours of the museum’s exhibition about the Nordic mountain cattle

Meet Ilmari Majuri’s cattle at the market on Saturday 2 July, next to the old town hall.

Image: Hilja Solala