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Bild från workshopen

Crop Wild Relatives Important for Future Food Production – Knowledge That Needs to Be Disseminated

Not many know that crop wild relatives can be important for the development of future agricultural crops. This was one of many topics discussed during a workshop in Oslo recently.

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Parts of the pea cultivation at the test location in Tromsø, northern Norway 2018.

Arctic Pea Cultivation Possible According to New Research – Green Harvest Was Taken at 69°N

Results from NordGen's research project Arctic Pea is now published. The study shows that it is possible to cultivate peas as far north as in Norwegian Tromsø.

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Vild skogsklöver från NordGens samling med ursprung från Grevie backar i Skåne.

Network for in situ Conservation of Plant Genetic Resources in Focus During European Conference

The importance of creating a European network for in situ conservation of plant genetic resources was discussed during the conference "Ensuring Diversity for Food and Agriculture".

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Testbröden som bakades i NordGens studie av enkorn och emmervete.

Good Baking Properties and Protein Content in NordGen’s Einkorn and Emmer Wheat

A recently completed study shows that einkorn and emmer wheat from NordGen's collection are well suited for bread baking. The old wheat species also had higher protein content than in ordinary quality wheat that is usually used for baking.

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Bilden visar vild gräslök från Norge som bevaras i NordGens samlingar.

The conference “Ensuring Diversity for Food and Agriculture” Is Now Open for Registration

Now it is possible to sign up for the conference "Ensuring Diversity for Food and Agriculture". The four day long online conference is arranged by the project Farmer's Pride in collaboration with EUCARPIA and ECPGR.

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Skörd av spannmål på Lönnstorps försöksstation

More seed orders, digitization and a new strategy – read more in NordGen Annual Review 2020

NordGen's annual review for 2020 is now available. In addition to information about important achievements, the digital publication also includes a video in which NordGen's director, Lise Lykke Steffensen, summarizes the previous year.

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En grupp klövsjöfår står vid en björkdunge med en äng i förgrunden.

Nordic Project on Access and Benefit Sharing Gathers Experts on Genetic Resources

Through several online seminars, the aim is to reach a Nordic joint view on the matter which corresponds with international agreements.

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Rödklöver i Norge

NordGen’s red clover collection carries properties important for the development of persistent forage legumes

In the Arctic Clover project, wild populations and landraces from NordGen’s collection of red clover have been compared with commercial varieties. A new scientific article shows that the genebank material carries important properties that can be used to produce better...

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Two people working in a laboratory surrounded by computers and machines.

Large Increase of Seed Requests from NordGen

The last two years the number of distributed seed samples from NordGen has almost doubled. They will help create a more sustainable agriculture.

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A young man in a yellow shirt looking at a barley straw and listening to an elderly woman in blue shirt and glasses

A Pioneer and Beloved Co-Worker has Passed Away

Renowned barley researcher and beloved co-worker Udda Lundqvist has passed away during the Christmas holidays. Udda was a pioneer in the field of radiation-supported plant breeding.

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