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Planning your summer vacation? Don’t miss out on the Nordic Outdoor Exhibitions about Crop Wild Relatives

During the summer, the exhibition is on display on several locations in the Nordic

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Green trees framing a stony beach, a cold sea and snow-covered mountains.

NordGen participated in Tromsø meeting where Nordic ministers discussed food, agriculture, and resilience

The midnight sun was shining on the partly snow-covered mountains as ten Nordic ministers gathered in Tromsø today to discuss climate, resilience and preparedness.

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National Coordinators from 30 European Countries Meet in Sweden to Discuss Strategy for Plant Genetic Resources

On 7-9 June, the European network ECPGR will meet at NordGen, one of its partners, to discuss the implementation of the strategy.

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Potato Backup Inaugurated – Varieties Important for Future Agriculture Safeguarded in Tyrnävä.

The Backup of the Nordic potato collection was recently inaugurated by the Finnish Minister of Agriculture and Forestry.

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Crop Wild Relatives Important for Climate Adaptation of Agriculture – 19 New Nordic Species Prioritized

Wild relatives to potato, wheat and timothy are some examples among the 19 new prioritized species.

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Bilden visar en del av NordGens potatissamling.

Backup of the Nordic Potato Collection Moves to Finland

NordGens potato collection consists of 95 Nordic varieties. The safety duplicate is relocated to the company SPK in Finland.

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Bild från workshopen

Crop Wild Relatives Important for Future Food Production – Knowledge That Needs to Be Disseminated

Not many know that crop wild relatives can be important for the development of future agricultural crops. This was one of many topics discussed during a workshop in Oslo recently.

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Parts of the pea cultivation at the test location in Tromsø, northern Norway 2018.

Arctic Pea Cultivation Possible According to New Research – Green Harvest Was Taken at 69°N

Results from NordGen's research project Arctic Pea is now published. The study shows that it is possible to cultivate peas as far north as in Norwegian Tromsø.

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Vild skogsklöver från NordGens samling med ursprung från Grevie backar i Skåne.

Network for in situ Conservation of Plant Genetic Resources in Focus During European Conference

The importance of creating a European network for in situ conservation of plant genetic resources was discussed during the conference "Ensuring Diversity for Food and Agriculture".

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Testbröden som bakades i NordGens studie av enkorn och emmervete.

Good Baking Properties and Protein Content in NordGen’s Einkorn and Emmer Wheat

A recently completed study shows that einkorn and emmer wheat from NordGen's collection are well suited for bread baking. The old wheat species also had higher protein content than in ordinary quality wheat that is usually used for baking.

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