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NordGen employee sitting on a field with cereals harvesting ears with a pair of scissors

NordGen’s Measures for Reducing the Spread of COVID-19 is Ongoing

Right now, it’s harvest time at NordGen. Valuable seeds are collected in our fields and gardens, dried and eventually becoming a part of the Nordic seed collection. But the work done in both field and office is still affected by...

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Screenshot of the new web interface to NBIS

New Information System Creates Better Security for the Nordic Seed Collection

NordGen is the Nordic countries’ genebank and knowledge center for genetic resources. In Alnarp, we conserve 33 000 seed samples detrimental for adapting our agriculture to present and future challenges. Now, we’re updating the platform hosting the information about all...

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Woman in NordGen shirt sitting in front of two computer screens working with the database SESTO.

NordGen’s Database Temporarily Closed for Seed Orders

On Monday the 8th of June, NordGen’s database SESTO closes for scientific seed orders. The database will be available for orders again in the end of June under a new name; Nordic Baltic Genebanks. “During these weeks, we will continue...

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Last chance to order seeds from NordGen’s webshop this year

In just one month, on the last of May, the seed sale at NordGen’s webshop closes for this year. If you haven’t already placed your order there are still many exciting Nordic plants to choose from. NordGen’s annual seed sale...

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Are you our new Finnish speaking Communications Officer?

Do you want to contribute to a sustainable food production? Are environmental issues, biodiversity and agriculture something that makes your heart beat a little faster? Then, the position as Communications Officer at NordGen might be for you. NordGen is now...

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This is NordGen’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic

NordGen is following the outbreak of COVID-19 carefully and has taken measures to limit the risk of spreading the infection. Part of our work is now done remotely and external meetings will be replaced with online meetings. Apart from that,...

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It’s spring and our webshop is open!

If you haven’t already, it’s time to plan what you will sow in your garden or balcony this year. Would you like to use seeds that can’t be found anywhere else? Could we interest you in making a difference for...

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Private and Public Sectors Team up to Solve Agricultural Challenges

Today’s agriculture has some fundamental challenges ahead. Climate change is already upon us, we’re amidst a global decline in biodiversity and have to produce enough food for a growing population. As Nordic experts on plant breeding met in Malmö this...

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NordGen Wishes Happy Holidays!

33 000 seed samples rest safely in our freezers. Now, the NordGen staff takes the opportunity to also have some well deserved rest during the holidays. This means that we, from the 20th of December until the 7th of January,...

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Nordic Cooperation on Plant Genetic Resources turns 40

Today is a day of festivities for all those who, in one way or the other, have been involved in the Nordic cooperation on plant genetic resources. This year, it’s namely 40 year since the Nordic Genebank was established. The...

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