From year 2009 to 2013, NordGen’s mandate included the environmental aspects of conservation and sustainable use of farm and forest genetic resources.

This included for instance:

  • Protection of wild relatives to our cultivated plants in their natural environments.
  • The relation between genetic resources and climate change
  • NordGen’s own environmental impact.
  • Strengthening the cooperation between the environment sector and the agricultural and forestry sectors in the Nordic countries in their work with genetic resources.

During this period NordGen had its own environmental coordinator and an Environmental Coordination Group consisting of representatives for both environment and agriculture and forestry from all Nordic countries. The Faroe islands had their own representative in the group.

Minutes from the Environmental coordination group meetings

Meeting 1

Meeting 2

Meeting 3

Meeting 4

Appendixes meeting 4:
Nina Vik’s presentation about the Nagoya protocol

Juha Kantanen’s presentation about the Nordic Brown Bee project

Juha Kantanen’s presentation about the animal genetic resources and climate change adaptation

The Danish report on Crop Wild Relatives

The Environmental coordination group’s report on genetic resources and climate change

Meeting 5

Meeting 6

Meeting 7

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