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NordGen Farm Animals is a service and knowledge center for sustainable management of farm animal genetic resources in the Nordic countries.

NordGen Farm Animals’ areas of activity are conservation and sustainable use of farm animal genetic resources (AnGR) relevant for food production and agriculture, information and networking as well as international activities.

NordGen Farm Animals contributes to the Nordic countries’ work by promoting the genetic, economic, cultural, historical and social values of farm animal diversity to meet the needs of future markets, production systems and climate change.

AnGR include genes and gene combinations of living populations as well as frozen genetic material, such as sperm and embryos.

NordGen Farm Animals

  • Provides tools to maintain genetic variation in living populations (in situ conservation) and to design cryo-banking of genetic material (ex situ conservation).
  • Initiates research and development projects on the characterization, conservation, management and sustainable use of AnGR.
  • Organizes workshops, seminars and courses for gene resource coordinators, animal breeding experts, researchers, students and administrative officers.
  • Facilitates a good cooperation among different stakeholders and groups.
  • Promotes sustainable breeding practices and sound principles of fair trade of genetic material.

NordGen Council for Farm Animal Genetic Resources

NordGen Council for Farm Animal Genetic Resources has been established to serve as a platform for exchanging information, ideas and knowledge among representatives from the five Nordic countries and NordGen Farm Animals.

The Council contributes to a productive role division between the national coordinators and NordGen Farm Animals, and contributes to the development of Nordic as well as international activities. In this fashion both the national goals and the tasks of NordGen Farm Animals will be accomplished in the best possible way. Additionally, the Council has an important advisory function when the annual work plan for NordGen Farm Animals is formulated.

Each of the Nordic countries has two representatives in the Council, whereas the Faroe Islands have an observer in the Council. Members of the Council are appointed by the national authorities responsible for the management of farm animal genetic resources in each country. The Council comes together at least twice a year. Representatives from the Baltic countries may be invited to participate in the Council meetings.

Information on NordGen Council can be found here