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Nordic Brown Bee

Nordic Brown Bee. Photo: Anja Laupstad Vatland

On this page you can find current events arranged by NordGen Farm Animals.

If you miss anything, feel free to send an e-mail to farm-animals@nordgen.org.

Artificial Insemination Workshop — Nordic Brown bees
Ås, Norway; July 05-07, 2019

Do you have brown bees and are interested in artificial insemination? Do you want to learn the art of artificially inseminating bee queens from the best? Register for NordGen Farm Animal’s workshop on artificial insemination of Brown bees, held in Ås, Norway, from July 5th to 7th, 2019!


This workshop is for beekeepers who have serious plans to start using artificial insemination in their brown bee beeyard. The workshop will have a maximum of six participants and the instructor will be Bert Thrybom, who has many years of experience. He has published a book in Swedish on the topic https://www.biodlarna.se/produkt/91010-2/. Bert would like to start on Friday morning, which would mean that some participants might have to travel to Ås on Thursday, and end on Sunday afternoon.