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Council meeting, September 2017

The NordGen Council for farm animal genetic resources had a meeting in Tampere on the 12th and 13th of September.

NordGen summarized the status of the projects in 2017 and presented the working plan for 2018. NordGen intern Jessica Tetteroo presented the status of her case study on multi-indicator method for assessing the risk study of six Norwegian cattle breeds. National coordinators of each country shared the main news regarding AnGR in their countries since our previous meeting in March. The national coordinator of Finland, Mervi Honkatukia, gave an in-depth presentation on the Finnish poultry in situ gene bank that is merely based on the efforts of hobby breeders.

During the field trip we visited organic sheep farm Aholaidan lammastila. The farm is keeping Finnsheep, Åland sheep and Gotland sheep and sells wool and wool products, sheep skins and lamb meat straight from the farm. Additionally sheep are used for landscaping purposes. We also visited Ahlman vocational college which homes the in situ gene bank for Finncattle. Participants were specifically showing interest on the direct sale of raw milk, which Ahlman has long traditions with.

Next Council meeting will be arranged in March in Sweden.