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Previous events

NordGen Farm Animals arranges conferences, workshops and seminars. Previous events, together with relevant links to event homepages and materials,  are listed here in chronological order.

Council meeting, in Tampere on the 12th and 13th of September 2017

NordGen summarized the status of the projects in 2017 and presented the working plan for 2018. NordGen intern Jessica Tetteroo presented the status of her case study on multi-indicator method for assessing the risk study of six Norwegian cattle breeds. National coordinators of each country shared the main news regarding AnGR in their countries since our previous meeting in March. The national coordinator of Finland, Mervi Honkatukia, gave an in-depth presentation on the Finnish poultry in situ gene bank that is merely based on the efforts of hobby breeders.

During the field trip we visited organic sheep farm Aholaidan lammastila. The farm is keeping Finnsheep, Åland sheep and Gotland sheep and sells wool and wool products, sheep skins and lamb meat straight from the farm. Additionally sheep are used for landscaping purposes. We also visited Ahlman vocational college which homes the in situ gene bank for Finncattle. Participants were specifically showing interest on the direct sale of raw milk, which Ahlman has long traditions with.

2016, September, “Grazing in a Changing Nordic Region”, Reykjavik, Iceland

NordGen in collaboration with the Soil Conservation Service of Iceland arranged a 3-day multi-disciplinary conference on grazing in a changing Nordic region, September 12-15 in Reykjavik, Iceland. The focus of the conference was on the contribution of grazing to climate change adaptation, food security, biodiversity and environmental issues, regional livelihoods, and other ecosystem services.

Conference Summary and Policy Brief provide a summary of the conference and the main recommendations obtained from the presentations and discussions held during the scientific program.

The abstract book, invited talks and some of the contributing presentations are available on the conference website.

2016, June, Optimal Contribution Selection workshop, Hafjell, Norway

NordGen arranged an OCS workshop, June 6-10 2016 at Hafjell, Norway.

To maximize the learning experience of all participants, the workshop was divided into two parts: introductory and advanced. A total of 20 participants followed both the introductory and advanced part of the workshop.

“Part I – Introductory” included lectures on basic theory of optimal contribution selection (OCS) with discrete generations, computational constraints, and inbreeding and effective population size.

“Part II – Advanced” included lectures on advanced theory of OCS with overlapping generations. This part of the course concentrated on intensive group work on the definition of implementation plans for OCS and identifying potential challenges in real-life breeding and conservation programs.

More information as well as lectures and exercises are available at the workshop homepages.

2014, January, AnGR-NordicNET final conference “Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture in a Changing Climate”, Lillehammer, Norway

Final conference was organized by four research networks of the programme “Climate Change Impacts, Adaptation and Mitigation in Nordic Primary Industries” together with NordGen Farm Animals and NordGen Forest. Book of Abstracts and presentations of this meeting can be found at the conference homepages.

2013, November, Optimal Contribution Selection workshop, Vilnius, Lithuania

NordGen arranged an OCS workshop November 4-8 in Vilnius, Lithuania.

2012, November, AnGR-NordicNET workshop “Genotype-by-Environment Interactions and Farm Animal Adaptation on Phenotypic and Molecular Levels”, Tuusula, Finland

Nordic Genetic Resource Center (NordGen) and the University of Helsinki organized a two-day workshop on the 7th-8th of November 2012 in Tuusula, Finland. Proceedings of this meeting are available here.

2012, June, Optimal Contribution Selection workshop, Riga, Latvia

NordGen arranged an OCS workshop June 13-15 in Riga, Latvia.

2011, November, AnGR-NordicNET workshop on Effects of Climate Change on Primary Industries in the Nordic Countries, Uppsala, Sweden

Nordic Genetic Resource Center (NordGen) and Nordic Research Network on Animal Genetic Resources in the Adaptation to Climate Change (AnGR-NordicNET) organized a workshop on effects of climate change on primary industries in the Nordic Countries, with a main focus on animal genetic resources and future farm animal breeding strategies within adaptation and mitigation issues. You will find Proceedings of this workshop by following this link.

2011, September, workshop on Socio-economic and Cultural Values of Farm Animal Breeds, Reykjavik, Iceland

NordGen organised in collaboration with the Agricultural University of Iceland and MTT Agrifood Research Finland a scientific workshop on socio-economic and cultural values of farm animal breeds, September 7-9, 2011 in Reykjavik, Iceland. Proceedings of the workshop are available here.

2010, June, workshop on Risk Management in Animal Breeding Programs, Tallinn, Estonia

NordGen in cooperation with Estonian University of Life Sciences by Haldja Viinalass, arranged a summer-workshop on risk management in animal breeding programs.