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Characterisation of Nordic livestock breeds

Nordic livestock breeds are often suggested to be locally adapted, genetically distinct and to express unique phenotypes for example in the form of a distinct taste of products from the different breeds. However, these claims are often not documented. Therefore, there is a need to 1) collect information about insights obtained from characterisation projects performed on Nordic livestock breeds and 2) identify knowledge gaps of importance to conservation and sustainable use. Based on this information strategies for documentation and characterization of the Nordic livestock breeds can be developed.

A reference list of publications on characterisation of Nordic animal genetic resources was published in 2015, which will be used to write a review of genetic and phenotypic characterization of Nordic breeds.

Based on the results from the review paper NordGens AnGR Council will be consulted on further actions, such as applying for research money to carry out projects on genetic and phenotypic characterization of Nordic livestock breeds.