ReIGN: Reindeer husbandry in a Globalizing North – resilience, adaptations and pathways for actions

reindeer, lfgroene

Reindeer in northern Sweden. Photo taken by Linn Fenna Groeneveld.

The ReIGN project is a Nordic center of excellence, which aims to understand how climate change will affect reindeer husbandry in the Nordic region.

We will contribute to the work package on genetic resources, biodiversity and breeding; especially focussing on the evaluation of the implementation of selective breeding schemes. This work package is generally concerned with:

– unravelling the origin of different reindeer lineages in Scandinavia and their significance for the early domestication process
– estimating how rapid fitness-related characters of reindeer will respond to drivers affecting changes in the environment
– evaluating the possibilities and feasibility to improve the production efficiency in reindeer husbandry by 
implementing selective breeding schemes