Brown Bee wiki

The Brown Bee wiki is intended to be a helpful resource for anyone keeping brown bees (Apis mellifera mellifera).

The brown bee is the honeybee subspecies that occurs natively in the Nordic region. In the 20th century, other honeybee subspecies were introduced to this region by beekeepers. Today, the native brown bee is endangered due to displacement and introgression by these other subspecies. The great value of these bees, that appear well-adapted to the Nordic climate, is slowly being recognized and conservation efforts are under way!

This wiki was put together by the Brown Bee network, which is a group of beekeepers and scientists that is interested in saving the Brown bees from extinction in the Nordic countries. NordGen Farm Animals acts as the secretariat of the group. Initially a report on the status of the Brown Bee in the Nordic and Baltic countries was compiled. This report, published in 2014, can be downloaded here. A year later the report was followed up by a Plan of Action for the conservation of the Nordic Brown bee. This wiki is a result of the Plan of Action.