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Future Forest Health – Early detection and mitigation of invasive pests and diseases in Nordic forests

NordGen Forest Conference 2019

Dímon í Þjórsárdal. Photo: Hreinn Oskarsson

Place: Hotel Örk, Hveragerði, South Iceland
Time: 17-18 September 2019

Forest pests are a significant threat to boreal forests and forestry. The NordGen Forest conference 2019 will focus on threats posed to Nordic forestry and forest plant production by invasive pest species. Main issues addressed at the conference will be:

  • Climate and spread of invasive forest pests with special focus on plant production
  • Current status of plant health in the Nordic countries
  • Actions to mitigate forest pests: actions to limit introduction of new pest species, actions to eradicate new pest species, breeding for resistance
  • The potential effect of climate change on forest pests and timber production in the Nordic countries

An excursion is held on the 18 September; including visits to geothermal heat forests in Reykir, breeding for resistance in Black cottonwood, use of biological control in greenhouse farming at Fridheimar and presentation of the Land reclamation project in Iceland. The excursion will be held close to the volcano Hekla.

More information and registration here

On the 19 September an SNS Matchmaking Day will be organised in Reykjavik. If you are a PhD student you can apply for a travel grant to Iceland!

For questions, please contact forest@nordgen.org