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NordGen Forest and NSFP 1970 – 2020

NordGen forest conference 2020:
Let history meet future – 50 years of knowledge creation and exchange, to ensure the best Nordic forests for the future

Place: Norsk Skogmuseum, Elverum, Norway
Dates: 16-17 September 2020

The forest section of the Nordic Genetic Resource Centre – NordGen Forest and partners are happy to invite you to the Nordic forest conference in September 2020. NordGen Forest (previously named “Nordisk skogbruks frø- og planteråd”, NSFP) turns 50 years this year. The conference will be a celebration of the anniversary and our joint Nordic efforts, and at the same time enable visions for the future and knowledge exchange.

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Presentations will be held in English and the conference is open to a wide Nordic audience. Please register your participation before 1 August 2020.