Activities in 2017

The working group for genetic resources has approved a workplan:

Tasks and activities in 2017:

The ash dieback disease is spreading, threatening the genetic diversity of ash (Fraxinus excelsior). Photo: Halvor Solheim/NIBIO

Conservation of forest genetic resources

  • Organise a working group meeting and a seminar in August
  • In preparations for the seminar in August 2017; Review the conservation of forest genetic resources in the Nordic countries, based on the national programmes.
  • Is the current genetic resource management sufficient for long term conservation of forest tree species in response to climate change and emerging diseases?
  • Identify the potential for storing more forest seeds at Svalbard Global Seed Vault:
    • Work towards the possibility for non-Nordic countries to store forest seeds at Svalbard.
    • Summarise the need for conservation and the possibility for long term storage of Nordic tree species.
  • Make popular scientific information on forest genetic resources available for the webpages of NordGen Forest.