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The NordGen Forest Regeneration Council

The NordGen Forest Regeneration Council seeks to increase the availability of suitable forest reproductive material and to promote successful forest regeneration in the Nordic countries.

Photo: Dan Aamlid/NIBIO

This includes both practical and administrative elements of seed and plant supply, regeneration methods, genetics and tree breeding. Within this sphere of activities, the Council shall:

– Initiate and develop Nordic cooperation on practical and administrative tasks
– Collect and disseminate information among both professionals and the public in the Nordic countries
– Contribute to upgrading skills through the dissemination of experiences, methods and research results at conferences and thematic days
– Initiate and monitor Nordic research and development
– Discuss relevant international questions and coordinate Nordic viewpoints when appropriate
– The Council meets 2-3 times a year and has 2 members from each of the Nordic countries.

The chairmanship circulates among the member countries every fourth year.

A general mandate for the Council is given in NordGens strategy for Nordic working groups.