NordGen Forest Publications

Från frö till planta, 1999.

Tree Gene Resource Management in the Nordic Countries – a review of the situation in 2002. Nordisk Ministerråd ANP 2003:701

The Nordic Network for Forest Tree Gene Conservation during the Swedish term 2003-2006
– Developments, Functions and Nordic documents. A report about the NSFP network 2003-2006. Download report (4 MB)

NordGen Forest folder 2008 (in Danish, Finnish and English).

Seeking Appropriate Legislation Regulating Access and Exclusive Rights to Forest Genetic Resources in the Nordic Region. M. W. Tvedt 2011. Download report (1 MB)

Access and rights to forest genetic resources in the Nordic region – Current situation and future perspectives. T. Myking, M. W. Tvedt, Ø. M. Edvardsen, H. Hallingbäck, D. C. Olrik, G. F. Proschowsky, M. Rusanen, S. Black-Samuelsson and T. Skrøppa. TemaNord 2012:520. Download report (1 MB)

NordGen Forest. 2015. Information roll-ups in English, Swedish, Finnish, Islandic, Norwegian and Danish. Download (5 MB)

Is Nordic forestry prepared for climate change? Policy Brief from NordGen Forest. 2016. Download (1,9 MB)

NordGen Forest – for the benefit of Nordic forests. Leaflet from NordGen Forest 2016. Download