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The Svalbard Global Seed Vault is may be the strongest symbol of the importance of conserving plant genetic resources for food supplies needed for human survival in the future. Due to this, media and journalists have been given limited access to the Seed Vault, with the purpose of increasing public awareness and political will to support global efforts for utilizing plant resources and to develop food production.


The Seed Vault is an unstaffed facility and meeting media at the Seed Vault has to be organised at the same times as other tasks carried out at the Seed Vault. The so called Seed Vault openings are announced in advance, and media that want to meet Seed Vault staff must make appointments coordinated to these seed handling occasions. Due to security reasons the interior of the Seed Vault is closed for visitors.

Normally, NordGen organizes three Seed Vault openings during the year; the first one in February/March, the second in April/May/June and the last one in October. See dates at the Calendar site.

Seed Vault stories are appreciated

During the years since the Seed Vault was opened in 2008, NordGen and partners have reveived more than 200 media teams of different kinds; TV, radio, photographers and video producers, journalists from newspapers and magazines and artists of different kinds, displaying pieces of art related to the Seed Vault at exhibitions and other events. Up til now, meeting media and artists has included a guided tour to the heart of the Seed Vault. For security reasons, the Seed Vault is now closed for visitors.

Journalists and artists that are planning to go to Svalbard for presenting the Seed Vault on different platforms, are recommended to make requests for visits before booking travels to Svalbard. Many journalists have been unable to visit the Seed Vault because NordGen had no staff present at the time of their stay in Svalbard.

Journalists and artists that want to visit the Seed Vault will have to describe their projects and publication plans, to document affiliation and to prove identities. The Seed Vault is not available and cannot be used for commercial purposes.