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NordGen gave Nordic officials the grand tour in labs and gardens

Date: 14.11.2017 Author: Sara Landqvist Category: Plants

Nordic Genetic Resource Center is mainly funded by the Nordic countries, through the Nordic Council of Ministers. Today, November 14th, officials representing the council visited NordGen to learn more about how we work and what we need to fulfill our mission.


The Nordic Committee of Senior Officials for Fisheries and Aquaculture, Food and Forestry might have a very long name, but their mission is clear. It is, for example, beneath this committee NordGen is organised. The committee consists of 16 members from Sweden, Finland, Greenland, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Åland and the Faroe Islands.

Today, the officials visited NordGen to learn more about our important work and the challenges we are facing.

The committee was given a tour in our green house and gardens, a briefing of our in vitro- and molecular laboratories as well as extensive presentations regarding our projects, economy and the importance of gene banks, among other things.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, the committee will have a meeting in Copenhagen.

In our green house the activity i slow this time of year, but Jerker Niss and Fredrik Olsson still gave the tour.
Johan Axelsson illuminated the room while showing our new incubator.
Pawel Chrominski and Karolina Aloisi showed the committee members our laboratories.