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NordGen Wishes Happy Easter with Lina Sisco’s Bird Egg

Date: 17.04.2019 Author: Sara Landqvist Category: Plants
Lina Siscos Bird Egg

Lina Siscos Bird Egg

More than 150 years ago, a woman travelled in a covered carriage towards Missouri. A bean variety joined her on the journey. Now, a few days before Easter, we can offer hobby growers this very bean variety through our webshop.

The woman in the carriage was Lina Sisco’s grandmother. Lina, who the bean is named after, was one of the six original members of Seed Savers Exchange, which was formed in 1975. Seed Savers Exchange donated the bean to NordGen in 2011 and now we keep it safe in our freezers. In our registers the bean is called Lina Sisco’s Bird Egg.

“Lina Siscos Bird Egg” is a bush bean which can be used after it’s been dried. It has a strong flavour with a creamy, almost potato-like texture. The bean is beige with a dark, speckled pattern which makes you think of bird eggs”, says Ulrika Carlson-Nilsson, Senior Scientist at NordGen with responsibility for beans.

Unique offer

One of the many important tasks gene banks perform is distributing genetic material to researchers, plant breeders and others needing this in their profession. However, NordGen also offer hobby gardeners living in the Nordic region the possibility to order seeds and potatoes.

“Each year, on the 1st of March, our webshop opens. Here, you can order cereals, vegetables and flowers. The demand is always high and the seeds often go out of stock. However, this year, we still have plenty of seeds left so it’s a good idea to take the opportunity and order before we close on the 31st  of May” says Johan Axelsson, who is responsible for the seed laboratory at NordGen.

By ordering seeds and potatoes from NordGen, you are receiving unique material and at the same time contribute to preserving our Nordic historical cultivation heritage.

Enter shop.nordgen.org to place your order.