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Our webshop is now open!

Date: 01.03.2019 Author: Sara Landqvist Category: Plants
Sweet William of Skrape-Fina

The Sweet William of Skrape-Fina is one of the flowers we offer in our webshop. Photo: Lena Ansebo

From today, anyone living in the Nordic countries can order seeds from NordGen. By sowing, cultivating and harvesting our seeds, you contribute to preserving our common Nordic cultural heritage. And at the same time, you can enjoy vegetables, cereals and flowers not existing anywhere else. The webshop is open until the 31st of May.

This year you can find 40 new varieties in our shop which in total holds more than a hundred different sorts of seed. New for this year is also that we now can offer cereals in somewhat larger packages (100 grams) which cost 30 SEK a piece. You can also order miniature potato tubers for 40SEK. The other seed packages cost 25 SEK as usual. The link to our webshop can be found in the menu in the upper, right corner. You can also reach the webshop directly through this link.

Great interest

Jette Nydam Hansen is Gene Bank Curator at NordGen. She is responsible for the webshop and lets us know that the interest in seed ordering usually is large.

“Some of the seed varieties in the webshop disappear almost immediately. It’s evident that many devoted gardeners and farmers are ready to order first thing when the webshop opens. This great interest is wonderful to see” she says.

Unique offer

It is actually quite unique that gene banks offer private individuals to buy seeds from their collections. But in the Nordic countries, this is regulated in Kalmardeklarationen, an agreement describing the Nordic countries’ cooperation with preserving genetic diversity. The seeds in the webshop are seeds that we had an abundant harvest of last summer while propagating our collections. NordGen is not selling the seeds with a profit. The fee we take out only covers a small part of our costs for postage and handling.

“Since we’re not a commercial seed company, we hope that the customers will be understanding concerning the fact that some seed varieties probably will go out of stock. Neither do we have the possibility to as comprehensive cultivation advices or as nice-looking seed pouches as the normal consumer perhaps is accustomed with. However, we hope that the fact that our seeds are unique and can’t be found anywhere else can compensate for this” says Jette Nydam Hansen.

Let the seeds spread

All over the world, the biological and genetic diversity is decreasing. By ordering seeds from NordGen, you can contribute to reverting the negative trend. Feel free to let some of the plants bloom and set seeds. By doing that, you can save seeds for next year or perhaps share them with a beloved friend. The more people we are, growing these old cultivars, the greater the chance that we can save them from disappearing. Because the best way to conserve something is to use it, at least when it comes to genetic diversity.

Happy gardening!