Forest Conferences

En man med hjälm och skyddskläder står i ett kalhygge och berättar om sitt arbete för flera andra som står runt omkring.

Once a year, NordGen Forest organizes a conference that brings together forest people in the Nordic countries. The purpose is to increase the exchange of knowledge among the participants, be a meeting place for actors in the forestry industry and provide inspiration for the ongoing work.

Through presentations, discussions and field trips, the conferences contribute to increase the general level of competence in forest regeneration, forest plants, seeds and genetic resources. The conferences are organized in the various Nordic countries in close cooperation with the national representatives who are members of NordGen Forest Regeneration Council.

The program for the annual upcoming forest conference is published in our calendar. The NordGen Forest Conference 2024 “Forest regeneration in the north – the past, the presence and the future” will be held in Rovaniemi, Finland, 18-19 September. More information will be published here.

A flyer for the NordGen Forest Conference 2024 including a photo showing a group of people standing in a pine forest.

Below is a list of previous forest conferences. If you would like to see the program or any of the presentations from a previous conference, you are welcome to contact NordGen Forest.

Photo of group of people gathered in a broad leaf forest Denmark 2023
”Forests of the Future”



Photo of group of people in a greenhouse filled with spruce plants Sweden 2022
“Scoping Our Forests for the Future”



Photo of beech leafsOnline 2021



Screenshot from a video showing two persons talking in a birch forest Online 2020

“NordGen Forest 50 Years”


Skovkonference på Island i 2019Iceland 2019
“Future Forest Health”



Skovkonference i Finland 2018Finland 2018
“New forest for future needs – using advanced regeneration methods and techniques”



Skovkonference i Danmark 2017Denmark 2017
“Innovation and Forest Regeneration”



Skovkonference i Sverige 2016Sweden 2016
“Growing Mixed Forests”



Skovkonference i Letland 2015Latvia 2015
“Wise Use of Forest Reproductive Material”



Skovkonference i Norge 2014Norway 2014
“Need for Seed”