Närbild på en grankvist med höga granar i bakgrunden mot blå himmel.Apply for a forest scholarship from NordGen and SNS! At the end of the year, NordGen Skog announces, in collaboration with Nordic Forest Research (SNS), scholarships aimed at people who work or study in the production of forest seeds or plants, forest regeneration or breeding in the Nordic countries.

Primarily, the grant should be used in connection with education or knowledge exchange within the fields mentioned above. You can also apply for a scholarship to cover running expenses for bachelor or master theses, for instance for equipment, laboratory expenses or printing of reports. When the restrictions due to the Corona pandemic allows it, the grant could also be used for travel expenses. If applications are to be ranked,  employees within forest seed and plant production and breeding will generally be given preference over students.

Nordic Benefit

The activity in question MUST be relevant in a Nordic setting, and contribute to a common Nordic benefit within the fields mentioned above. The main part of the activity must take place after the application deadline. The scholarship may cover costs to take part in the NordGen Forest thematic days or conferences.

We emphasise the importance of gender balance and we will take that into account when we make our decisions.

Scholarships can be awarded a maximum of NOK 25,000.

You can read two news articles from previous beneficiaries below:

More news articles and reports can be found on SNS’s webpage.

How to apply?

Your application should preferably be written in English. In some cases, you can also write in a Nordic language but then the summary and budget need to be in English. During the application period a link to the application system is published at this page.

Scholarship Report

Within a month after the activity has ended, the research fellow must submit a short report to NordGen Forest. The report should evaluate whether the goal was achieved, what the scientific benefit was, and include a description of possible results if the scholarship was used for research or development. A budgetary follow-up should also be attached.

Do not hesitate to contact us at NordGen Forest if you have any questions!