Thematic Days

Liten tallplanta på marken bland bark och barr.Each year NordGen Forest organizes two thematic days. Through presentations and discussions, the thematic days contribute to increasing the general level of competence in forest rejuvenation, forest plants, seeds and genetic resources.

The thematic days are held in a different Nordic country each year. They are usually held in the local language and are organized in collaboration with the national representatives of the Forest Rejuvenation Council. Each thematic day addresses a specific topic and is open to anyone interested to participate.

More information about each thematic day can be found in NordGen Forest’s calendar.

Below is a list of the last thematic days. If you want to know more about the program from one of the thematic days, feel free to contact NordGen Forest for more information.

Webinar, March 2021
“New technology within plant production”



Webinar, April 2020
“Forest Tree Breeding’s Way Forward”



Picture from thematic day on forest regeneration in Finland september 2019Jyväskylä, Finland September 2019
”Forest Regeneration and Early Tending in the 2020’s”



Picture of people attending the thematic day in Norway March 2019Namsos, Norway March 2019
“Supply of Seed and Forest Plants in a Future Perspective”



Photo of people in the forest during the thematic day in Denmark september 2018Gribskov, Denmark September 2018
“Development Within Establishment and Management of Forests”



Sign with the text NordGen Forest in Icelandic from the thematic day in Iceland april 2018Akureyri, Iceland April 2018
“Seed Supply and Tree Breeding”