Working Group on Genetic Resources

Närbild på en askstam med en man som håller en presentation för andra människor i bakgrunden.The NordGen Forest Working Group on Genetic Resources is, together with the NordGen Forest Regeneration Council, one of NordGen’s expert networks. The working group has an important role in the continuity of the work of NordGen. The working group’s objective is to ensure cooperation on conservation and use of genetic resources of forest trees among the Nordic countries.

The working group is a network of national experts, aiming to exchange information and discuss issues of common importance in the field of conservation and sustainable use of forest genetic resources. Feeding into national implementation of international obligations in the field, the working group works at the interface of the national level and the European level in the EUFORGEN network.

The working group initiates and implements activities that can improve or guide the conservation and use of genetic resources of forest trees in the Nordic region, and assists in assuring high quality and relevance of the work carried out at NordGen. The group also contributes to knowledge dissemination on NordGen’s website and in publications.

Members of NordGen Forest Working Group on Genetic Resources

NordGen Personel 1


Mari Mette Tollefsrud, Chair


NordGen Personel 2


Gunnar Friis Proschowsky

Danish Nature Agency

NordGen Personel 3


Mari Rusanen

Natural Resources Institute LUKE

NordGen Personel 4


Adalsteinn Sigurgeirsson

Icelandic Forest Service

NordGen Personel 5


Johan Kroon


NordGen Personel 6


Oda Otilie Holltrø Spongsveen