Open Call 2023

Drone photo of oat cultivation

PPP call for applications on pre-breeding projects with focus on traits important for future sustainable production of climate resilient crops in the Nordic region.

Deadline for proposals is 15 September 2023. See bottom of this page for application documents to download.

The Nordic Public Private Partnership on Pre-breeding (PPP) is opening a call for proposals to fund plant pre-breeding projects, that through utilization of diverse plant genetic resources focus on traits important for future sustainable production of climate resilient crops in the Nordic region. Funding for projects depends on approval by the Nordic Council of Ministers for Fisheries, Aquaculture, Agriculture, Food and Forestry (MR-FJLS).

PPP was established by the Nordic Council of Ministers in 2011. The purpose of the Partnership is to promote the development of Nordic plant breeding by supporting long term breeding goals for Nordic agriculture and horticulture in a changing climate through collaborative pre-breeding projects.

The activities of the Partnership support Nordic policies in the areas of green growth and bioeconomy, sustainable intensification of food production, sustainable rural development and maintain competitiveness of the plant breeding sector, Nordic agriculture and food production. The Partnership should also seek to include NordGen and plant genetic material from NordGen in projects and development activities.

For more information about PPP see the NordGen homepage.

Objective of the call

Plant production in the Nordic countries is impacted by worldwide climate changes and environmental factors. To prepare our crop plants for these challenges, it is crucial to continually enrich their genetic basis. To accomplish this goal, pre-breeding efforts that bridge the gap between non-adapted plant genetic resources and extensively bred crop plants must be emphasized. The objective with this call is to facilitate utilization of diverse genetic resources to develop sustainable production of crops with resilience to environmental and biological stresses that are relevant for the Nordic region in the future.

Who can participate?

The call is open for project proposals made in collaboration between:

  • Nordic plant breeding entities that are partners in PPP or Nordic plant breeding entities that have applied to become member of PPP
  • Nordic research organizations and NordGen
  • Associated partners from the Nordic and Baltic countries can participate on the same conditions as PPP partners. However, associated partners cannot be project leaders. Other non-Nordic partners can participate in a project but cannot receive PPP funding.

Eligible projects and activities

The funding opportunities provide support for pre-breeding projects. Projects may focus on one or more main crops that are important in the Nordic region today, or on new or upcoming crops, e.g. protein crops for food or feed. Pre-breeding is defined as pre-competitive cultivar development, including technology development to improve or speed up the breeding process.

Projects could address one or more of the following topics, but other relevant topics are welcome/but are not limited to these:

  • Crop quality, e.g. quality stability, quality traits for food or feed or post-harvest quality
  • Crop resilience to biological stresses, e.g. plant diseases or insect pests
  • Crop resilience to environmental stresses, e.g. drought, heat, water logging, irrigation or winter hardiness


Approximately 24 mill SEK is available under this call for the funding period starting March 2024 and ending December 2026. The funding is expected to provide a frame of maximum 16 mill SEK in total per project, including 8 mill SEK of public funding/year and minimum of 8 mill SEK/year of corresponding funding from project partners. This could be in cash or in-kind contribution. 

General application requirements

Project application

The project description should be limited to maximum 25.000 characters and 4 illustrations (e.g. figures, tables, etc.)  and contain:

  1. Title of the project.
  2. Name and affiliation of the project leader.
  3. List of the participating partners and a short description of the consortium.
  4. Detailed description of the proposed project; including objective, background (if relevant, include previous PPP project results), methods, collaborations, and the significance of the project in relation to future development of climate resilient crops for Nordic agriculture.
  5. Project plan; including a description of work plan, a time schedule, a description of the practical framework, e.g. experimental facilities and an assessment of the feasibility of the project.
  6. Plan for dissemination and ownership of results.
  7. Gantt Chart summarizing activities, including tasks, milestones and deliverables.
  8. CV of the project leader and key persons.
  9. Letters of commitment from consortium partners.
  10. Short summary (200 words) of the project in English for the public.

It is important that the application explains how the project and the project outcome can add value to the participating Nordic plant breeding entities, Nordic agriculture and food production as well as to the Nordic societies.


Public participants (universities and institutes)

  • Own contributions (in kind) from the respective public project partner can be calculated at cost with max 950 SEK per hour, cost level properly verified.
  • Overhead calculation – According to the accounting principles of the respective public participant as accepted by national funding agencies, properly justified and verified.

Private participants (companies)

  • Own contributions (in kind) from the respective private project partner can be calculated at cost with max 950 SEK per hour, cost level properly verified.
  • Overhead calculation – As agreed between all project partners in the consortium agreement, properly justified and verified or with a max level of 25% of the direct project costs (personnel costs, consumables and travels).

Assessment and assessment criteria

Proposals will be evaluated by three independent scientific experts and prioritized by the PPP Steering Committee. Applicant notification is expected to be communicated by end January 2024. Funding decisions will be communicated to the project leader by e-mail. The Steering Committee does not provide feedback to non-successful applications.

The assessment will focus on the quality, potential impact, structure and feasibility of the project. In addition, the ability and commitment of the project consortium will be assessed. Additional areas that will be prioritized in the final assessment are:

  • Broad involvement of private and public PPP partners working with a specific crop
  • Focus on crops relevant for the Nordic region that have not previously been part of a PPP project
  • Use of diverse non-adapted plant genetic resources
  • Use and implementation of new breeding methods or technologies
  • Level of expertise and knowledge building and sharing for the benefit of future Nordic plant breeding
  • Previously obtained project results and the long-term nature of the project in the case of application for continuation of an already established PPP project

How to apply for funding?

Submission of application is done through efond (

Apply here

Submission is open from 14. August to 15 September 2023. For question please by e-mail the PPP Secretariat at NordGen to e-mail:

Application documents to download:

Application Form Budget Form