Working group cereals

The Cereal collections at NordGen comprises of landraces, cultivars and breeding lines representing the ordinary NordGen collection with about 4 000 accessions. There are also numbers of special collections with more than 15 000 accessions. The special collections are the results from various comprehensive research works and are thus well documented, e.g. Barly Mutants, near-isogenic lines, translocation lines, Triticeae species and local varieties, inbred rye, duplication lines, the Haslund-Christensen expedition material and Åberg collection. The collection includes 94 species.

Data on these cereal accessions can be viewed in the NordGen documentation system SESTO. Data on the Barley Mutant collection can be found in the database; International Database for Barley Genes and Barley Genetic Stocks.

The cereal working group has been actively working since 1987 and carried out characterization and evaluation of NordGen cereal material as well as information distribution and facilitating the utilization of accessions.

The working group responsible from NordGen is Jan Svensson.

Contact information for the cereal working group;