Working group forage

The working group focuses on forage grasses and clovers from the Nordic countries and the mandate lists include over 90 different species. The forage collection contains not only cultivated varieties, but also research material, landraces and samples from wild or semi wild populations. A large proportion of the accessions are classified as either wild or semi-wild (nearly 70%). The collection contains more than 5 000 accessions and detailed information on these is available via our data base SESTO

The working group consists of one forage expert from each of the Nordic countries. The group meets once a year and have at least one additional telephone conference. The aims of these meetings are to exchange information among the countries, discuss the forage collection and its development and to plan common projects.

The working group focuses on:

  • Analysis of the existing collections and supplementary collections to cover the diversity in the Nordic region.
  • Continued characterisation and evaluation of the collections to promote use of the material
  • Establishing inventories of formerly cultivated Nordic material and subsequently to aim at acquiring some of the more outstanding material through repatriation from other gene banks or other sources.

NordGen is responsible for publishing the European Central Crop databases on Phleum  and Minor Forage Grasses.