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Working group for fruit, berries and ornamentals

Vegetatively propagated plants are conserved on national basis in clonal archives. This means that each Nordic country is responsible for the conservation of most varieties of fruits and berries, as well as varieties of several ornamental species. Three of the Nordic countries have established national programs for conservation of vegetatively propagated plant genetic resources. NordGen contributes in storing the data about the nationally conserved plant material.

Each country is represented in the Working Group by two persons. The members are experts in fruits, berries and/or ornamentals, and are associated with the respective national program. The Working Group member constellation should also represent genetic resources conservation, plant breeding, research, the market, horticultural history, and actors in museums and botanical gardens.

The Working Group members meet at least once per year, and the members update each other about national activities as well as plan for common projects. The knowledge of the members are very valuable for NordGen’s work.

The annual budget of the Working Group can finance analyses, evaluations and utilisation of the conserved plant material, photo documentation, etc.