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Working group for Vegetables, Potatoes, Herbs and Medicinal Plants

Pisum sativum SOLLERÖÄRT (NGB 17859)

NordGens working group include one to two persons from each Nordic country. The members are experts from various fields as conservation, breeding, cultural history and plant science.

The members meets once or twice a year and is an important network for NordGen. The annual budget is low, making the running projects small or few.

NordGens mandate includes landraces and old cultivars from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland. We also have breeding material of for example tomato, cucumber, lettuce and potato, and a big collection (genetic stock) of peas. Herbs and medicinal plants are also included in our mandate list, and we have extensive collections of Angelica, Thymus and Rhodiola amongst others.

Seed material is distributed from NordGen’s active seed store in Alnarp (Sweden). Back-ups storages are found in Aarslev (Denmark) and at Svalbard (Norway). Potatoes are cultivated under optimal conditions and are virus cleaned and tested according to EC plant health requirements. Vegetative material from e.g. rhubarb, hops, horseradish and Jerusalem artichokes is stored in clonal archives  run by the various national programs