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In situ / CWR seminar at Østre Bolærne

26th-28th of May 2015

The start-up meeting of the project “Ecosystem services: Genetic resources and crop wild relatives in the Nordic countries“ was held in cooperation with the Norwegian Genetic Resource Centre and combined with their meeting on the progress on CWR conservation in Norway.

Monday 25


Tuesday 26

Start-up meeting for “Ecosystem services: Genetic resources and crop wild relatives in the Nordic countries“

Seminar on the status of CWR conservation in the countries participating in the meeting

  1. Finland: Heli Fitzgerald, Helsinki University
  2. Lithuania: Jouzas Labokas, Nature Research Centre, Institute of Botany, Lithuania,
  3. Estonia: Külli Annamaa, Estonian Crop Research Institute
  4. Sweden: Jens Weibull, Swedish board of Agriculture
  5. Denmark: Birgitte Lund, the Danish AgriFish Agency
  6. Iceland: Hjortur Thorbjornsson, Reykjavik Botanic Garden
  7. United Kingdom: Nigel Maxted, University of Birmingham
  8. Norway: Åsmund Asdal, Norwegian Genetic Resource Centre

Wednesday 27

Excursion to several islands in the Færder National Park

Thursday 28

Seminar with the following talks:

Other documents distributed at the meeting

  • In Situ Methodology
  • CWR National Conservation and Use
  • Value and Benefits of Protected Areas
  • Crop Wild Relatives valuation summary
  • Quality standards for genetic reserve conservation of CWR
  • The National Seed Bank for threatened Norwegian plants and re-introduction projects
  • Genetic diversity analysis for the effective conservation of CWR

Documents related to this meeting can only be downloaded with a password.

Færder National Park, Norway
Photographer: Lena Ansebo
Free to use for any purpose
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Sidansvarig: Anna Palmé