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 In vitro laboratory

In vitro collection of potato

The Nordic Genetic Resource Center is responsible for conservation of Nordic potatoes (Solanum tuberosum L.). The in vitro collection includes clones of 76 potato accessions from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Modern cultivars, breeding lines and landraces are present in the collection. The collection is held and maintained in our In vitro laboratory. The in vitro potato clones are stored in sterile conditions at 12ºC in climate chambers. The in vitro material is free from viruses and other pathogens.

A back-up for NordGen’s collection of potato was created in the beginning of 2015. Host for the back-up is the company In vitro Plant-tech AB  in Malmö.

There are good possibilities to increase NordGen’s in vitro work with other vegetatively propagated species.

In vitro material for distribution

The in vitro material can be ordered by researchers and institutional customers all year round. In vitro laboratory grows also potato plantlets for production of minitubers that are distributed to hobby growers in the spring.

The list of the potato accessions in the in vitro storage is available here.

To order in vitro plantlets and minitubers please visit our Potato request site.

Education and training

The laboratory has been involved in many courses carried out at NordGen. The participants in these courses have been international representatives working with plant genetic resources. The laboratory staff gives lectures and provide demonstrations of laboratory methods and practical aspects of in vitro culture and DNA analyses.