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Seed Storage & Seed Laboratory

The seed laboratory analyses all seedlots included in NordGen’s extensive collections. Several different tasks are performed here on a continuous basis. Germination tests and thousand grain weight measurements are made, and recently collected or regenerated material is threshed and the overall seed quality determined. In addition, all material is prepared for long-term storage. Once prepared, the seeds contain very low levels of moisture, which in combination with low temperatures ensures good viability.

The seeds are kept in welded bags consisting of alternate layers of aluminum- and plastic-foil. The bag creates an efficient barrier, that prevents moisture and other harmful substances from affecting the quality of the seeds. NordGen’s collection is subdivided into three parts to prevent the risk of loss in the case of fire for example. The active part of the collection is maintained in Alnarp, Sweden, a backup is kept in Aarslev, Denmark, and a second safety backup is kept in the Svalbard Global Seed Vault.