Potato request

At present the NordGen potato collection consists of 72 varieties, breeding clones and landraces (local strains). For most of the accessions available for distribution, additional information can be found in the Nordic Potato Book (Potatisboken) produced at NordGen.

In vitro material

Material from the NordGen in vitro potato collection are distributed on request all year round, depending of supply. The in vitro material is primarily for breeding, research and demonstration purposes. The available accessions can be found in the in vitro potato list. Multiplication of the material is often necessary before we can distribute your request so please be aware that it might not be sent to you until some months after the request. To order please contact Pawel Chrominski. You will then get information about availability and delivery time.

Seed potatoes (mini tubers)

Mini tubers are produced yearly from a subset of the collection and can be ordered by interested researchers, open-air museums, local history societies from February 1 by contacting Pawel Chrominski. Private hobby growers are welcome to order mini tubers from March 1 via the NordGen web shop. You will receive 3-5 mini tubers from each accession. List and descriptions of the years potato cultivars may be found here (in Swedish).

Rättviks röd (photo Simon Jeppson)

Mini tubers are, as the name reveals, small. They are the result from small cuttings taken a year ago from the in vitro plants and that have been growing in pots with soil under disease free conditions during spring and summer. The mini tubers may in the first growing season produce smaller and fewer tubers than normal for that variety. However, this year’s harvest will in turn give a more normal yield next year. We urge our customers to save seed tubers for their own use for next year. In this way the variety will come more to its right, and the customer have seeds of varieties that will not be offered by NordGen the next year.


The NordGen potatoes are virus free and produced according to EU plant health requirements.

For Norway the regulations make it not possible for us to send potatoes but Norsk Genressurssenter can be contacted and might help out as they have most of the Norwegian landraces and cultivars.

There can be no distribution to a third party without a signed sMTA agreement, and also there is no distribution to third parties without adherence to the national seed potato regulations.

Nordic Potato Book

The book describes the Nordic potato diversity and includes the history of potato with breeding and cultivation in the Nordic countries. A description of more than 60 cultivars and landraces is included. Each description include details on origin, utilization and cultivation properties with additional color photos and tables.

The book is written in the Nordic languages, with an English abstract for each cultivar and chapter.

Order the book from NordGen: +46 40536640

Price: SEK 100 (ordinary 390:-) + shipment costs