About seed ordering


Institutional customers

The Nordic Genetic Resource Centre (NordGen) is a Nordic institution and a gene bank. NordGen preserves material of Nordic origin and of relevance to the Nordic region. The seed material in NordGen’s collections is available on request to plant breeders, researchers, museums and other bona fide users.

NordGen primarily serves scientific institutions, but reasonable requests from private individuals are handled if resources allow and if the people have a genuine interest in seed breeding and helping to preserve old and threatened plant species. We ask people who are primarily interested in seeds for gardening and not for specific plant genetic resources to contact other sources, such as commercial seed companies.

Hobby growers

Hobby breeders will be able to order seeds and potatoes from 1 March every year. In 2017 NordGen introduced an administration fee per seed sample and potato sample ordered.

In recent years there has been an incredible amount of interest in both our seed and potato hobby ranges. Last year our seed hobby range sold out in just 5 days. NordGen only has limited resources allocated to producing seed bags for private hobby use, so we cannot increase the amount of seeds we offer for this. We have had to introduce an administration fee to enable us to provide people who have a genuine interest in old cultural species and landraces with access to seeds.