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In cooperation with personel and children at the Hamilton pre-school in Helsingborg, NordGen has initiated a cultivation trial. Together we focus on, an teach eachother about, the origins of food and the importance of genetic diversity from a childrens perspective. The idea is to expand the project during the following years and involve children in other pre-schools in different nordic countries.


Our aim is that the children during the process will take part in practical tasks, as they themselves will be responsible for, as well as gaining knowledge concerning cultivation, basal plant physiology and -anatomy and genetic diversity. The children will also document the process and use their newly found knowledge in different creative ways where they challenge all of their five senses.

We have chosen to focus on cereals as these are, despite their rather inconspicuous surface, a large part of our daily food and also are both easy to grow and have a large cultural value in our northern latitudes.



Healthy eating habits are grown early in life

Adults kan actively inspire children to dearing taste new raw ingredients and eatables by letting them be a part of the whole process, from cultivation to baking and cooking. As the children participate the foundation for a positive food experience is laid, and a connection to the origin and value of food – insights that will contribute to a more sustainable development for future generations.

Projektet utvecklas av två forskare på NordGen; Karolina Aloisi och Jan Svensson, i samarbete med måltidspedagogen Miljana Vulovic på Hamiltons förskola i Helsingborg.