A Richer Agricultural Landscape

Contact: jan.svensson@nordgen.org


Cultivation of historical wheat species that are part of our cultural heritage favors biodiversity and provides a richer agricultural landscape.

Einkorn and bucket wheat are historical wheat species that were previously grown on a large scale in Sweden. In recent years, mainly bucket wheat but also einkorn have generated interest by organic growers and in special bakeries.

Study of cultivation and baking properties of einkorn and bucket wheat from NordGen

The project carries out a detailed study of the einkorn and bucket wheat that are stored at NordGen in order to provide knowledge about their characteristics, disease resistance, and several quality parameters. Ultimately, the aim is to be able to recommend the best varieties in regard to cultivation and baking properties. The study will be communicated to organic growers and bakeries in order to increase the interest and use of traditional plant genetic resources.

The project is financed by the EU.

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