NordGen PPP-report 2018-2020

The Nordic Genetic Resource Center (NordGen) is the joint genebank and knowledge center for genetic resources in the Nordic countries. Our mission is to conserve and promote the sustainable use of genetic diversity among animals, forests and plants that are important for Nordic agriculture and forestry.

NordGen PPP-report 2018-2020 provides a information about projects conducted within the framework of The Nordic Public-Private Partnership (PPP) for pre-breeding during the years 2018-2020. 

Subjects: Lantbruksvetenskap och veterinärmedicin, Lantbruksvetenskap, skogsbruk och fiske, Jordbruksvetenskap, Trädgårdsvetenskap/hortikultur, Livsmedelsvetenskap, Naturvetenskap, Biologiska vetenskaper, Genetik, Genetiska resurser, Forskning, Hållbar utveckling, Jordbruk, Matvaror, Miljö och klimat

Publication facts

Publication date: 2021 June 25